Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update On My Day

Well, I had the Hebrew test this afternoon and before and during the test I was not, I repeat, I was not nervous at all! Wow, I don't think that has ever happened before. I think my pastor's prayer is coming true. Darn it! LOL!! He is praying that I will learn to relax and enjoy tests (I have asked for prayers for tests before, just mostly to remember the stuff and do well and glorify the Lord and not get nervous, but his idea was that I learn to love and enjoy tests). I'm going to have to let him know. He'll be very pleased about least it is a stepping stone.

Now, back to the test. There were three translation questions of 3-5 verses roughly in each. For the parsing, there was only 4 words, maybe 5 (can't recall the exact number offhand). I don't think I did so hot on the parsing, but I did much much better on the translating than I thought I would do. I know I didn't get perfect, but I feel confident that I passed. This prof is new though, so I'm not sure how he marks things. He did say the other day that at least in the parsing if we don't get everything but get some of it (and if it is correct) then we will get partial points, so I'm at least hopeful on this for the translating as well.

Thanks to all who posted comments on my previous post and encouraged and prayed. I really really appreciate it, and I want you all to know this.

I do love the Hebrew, the sound of it, the look of it, even reading it and translating it. I think my problem lies in my attitude and the fact I know that I need to spend more time at it...have to make time for it. I don't need the course, but I do enjoy it. I had prayed about dropping it and told the Lord if He wants me to take it then I will, and if not then I won't. I also had decided that today's test would be my deciding factor in dropping the course or not. If I do well, then I know I will be fine (and even better with a little more work put into it), and if I don't do very well then I would drop it. Maybe I was/am just looking for an excuse or something, maybe being lazy and not wanting to do the work...I don't know. But, as I said, I felt that I did a lot better than I thought I was going to do.

So, now I just wait until I get the test back...not sure when that will be but maybe next Tuesday when the class is again. So, whenever I get the results back, I will have my decision made...I think. Now, if I end up not doing well at all and all of this 'peace' or whatever was false...then i will just feel like a total failure. But until that actually happens, I'm not worrying one way or the other. I feel confident that I didn't do so bad on it, and that i s the feeling I'm going with.

Thank You Lord for keeping me calm and stress free when doing this test!


Matthew said...

Awww. You wouldn't be a total failure if you didn't do well on the one test. You'd still be the same tabby I know, smart and fun to be with.

I'm certain God will reveal what he wants you to do.

Neo said...

God wants you to step up and look around. Test's are all around us. Everyday, on the bus, walking around, thinking in your head, you are tested.

What are considered the people's test, may not be God's test.

It's funny thing that perception is eh?

Prop's to Brunswick! Nice vacation country.

Dave said...

Shelley, with reference to your comment about the Book of Ruth, it was wonderful to realise that she belived in God because of the love that Naomi had for her. She felt secure because she was accepted in a strange land and realised that this was all about God. In Ruth 2 v2 the key word seems to be "shall" - it wasn't the case that she 'might' find grace. Ruth knew that she would find grace!

Anyways,that's what came out last night.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelley, its good to read about your encouragement with the test. You show such maturity in stepping up to the challenge for this class. Dropping it or not, its something you will always be able to come back to and find helpful and fascinating...from the sounds of it. It would be beyond my capabilities for sure..but I admire your being able to do this type of study and translating. Don't let Satan cheat you into thinking you had false peace...I don't believe it! *hugs* = )

Ruth said...

hi shelley! thanks for visiting my blog! wow, i'm so impressed you are taking hebrew. an old pastor friend told me it was really REALLY difficult (more difficult than learning greek!). you are most definately not alone in struggling in your class (i have friends here who are equally struggling just as hard)

Shelley said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by. I have taken Greek as well, and I find Hebrew to be easier. But, I also know people who took Hebrew first and Greek second and found Greek easier.

I think I enjoy the Hebrew more than I did the Greek's been 2 years since I took Greek so I don't remember much of it though.