Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Drawing Class

I have my drawing class tonight, and I am really enjoying it. I still can't draw all that well, but I can see improvement, and that is the main thing. The professor even told me last week that I have improved. It will just takes more practice to become better, which is common sense.

Last week, we had to do an exercise where we basically scribbled something and kept scribbling until the shape we were doing filled out more. Then we worked at it and added more definite lines a little darker than the scribbles (which are done rather lightly). Then we start adding darker and darker lines until we are getting whatever it was we were attempting to draw. The professor had done an example for us to show us the technique and what he was meaning. He demonstrated by drawing a man's head/face. Our task was to draw something natural, not man-made.

I set out drawing and working away at it, making light scribbles then darker ones. I knew what I was drawing, so I got to the point where I started putting in the darker, more defined lines. Then, I put in the lines that basically outlined and formed the animal. I couldn't get the legs just right, but they weren't overly bad...just looked a little awkward and, well, not quite right.

By this point, the teacher is going around and seeing how we were doing, making comments or demonstrating something at each person's easel. He got to mine and said it was good and seemed a little "excited" when he said it (in a way that was encouraging and positive). I said it wasn't very good because of the legs, so he came back and showed me how I could improve on that part and said that even the legs had improved from when I first drew animals at the beginning because now I had the back leg 'bent' in the right direction.

As he walks away again to check on the next student's drawing, he said "That is a nice pitbull." I looked at him and said, "'s supposed to be a cat." His next word was a simple "oops". I laughed though and wasn't offended.

The scanner isn't working right now (the software might need to be reinstalled or something, not sure off hand), but when it does, I will try to scan my drawing so that you can see what it looks like.

Anyhow, I am off right now to go practice my drawing for tonight so that if I attempt another cat it won't look like a pitbull. I kind of thought maybe I should try drawing a pitbull and see if it ends up looking like a cat...


Pilot Mom said...

I admire anyone who has a talent for drawing...any art work! My skills are sadly lacking in that area...much like my singing which is actually a joyful 'noise'. Lol!

BJ Scoggins said...

No one can beat Gods drawings,but they can come pretty close. Best wishes to you on your classes. God Bless You.

Jennifer said...

LOL! That's what my cat would have looked like for sure. :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

that's one of my frustrations, to be able to draw like a real artist.

God bless.

Maggie Ann said...

I was wondering if we would get to see a picture! It always amazes me that the brain and the hand are so 'in tune'. God has made us so miraculously. Because its very late I'm going to hope that my spelling isn't to far off. Your class sounds like fun! Is it a daily class or once a week?

Jayleigh said...

I cannot draw to save my life, but my twin sis is ever-so-much the artist. Hmmmm. Wonder how that happened?

Patiently waiting to see the pitbull - cat.

Badoozie said...

jayleigh, that's funny about your sister, maybe YOU were the baby that got dropped on it's head? just kidding.

i can't draw either. my son draws way better than I do and has since he was one month old.

we had to draw a pig in a training session the other day, and then they deciphered how we drew each part, and what that meant about our personalities. I think about that time, I had to go to the bathroom or something, lets just say, I can't draw. and, well, my personality can't be all THAT bad.

Shelley, I'm anxious to see your "pitbull". Is there anyother of your drawings on this site? if so, point me there, i'm trying not to spend so much time on blogs, so it would be better if I don't read the entire blog, because I have things I need to do such as homework, uhgggg

Paul said...

Hi Shelley,

I too look forward to seeing your drawing :)

Hmmm a cat that looks like a dog and a dog that looks like a cat, would we call it a CaBull :)

Have a super evening!



Shelley said...

To all wanting to see the drawing: Still working on getting the scanner fixed, but when it is I will post the pitbull

Maggie Ann: The class is fun, but it is only once a week for 3 hours each class. We need that length of time because if it were shorter, we would probably just get into drawing something and class would be over. However, we are supposed to do at least one drawing per night for homework.

Susie: No, I don't have any drawings up...mainly because they don't look like much I was thinking of when I get better (hopefully by the end of the semester), I would post one of my first drawings and one of the drawings done at the end, for comparison sake.

For anyone interested, the book we are using is called "Drawing For the Right Side of the Brain" by Betty Edwards (think that's her name), and she's been teaching this method since the 70's. It is really meant for those who can't draw...and helps you learn to draw. It's a good investment if you'd like to learn drawing (and providing you practice).

Joe said...

I tried to learn to draw. But the only thing I could draw well was flies.

We all have our gifts.

Me said...

Must be oodles of fun to go to art classes.. you know, I'd love to go and try pottery someday.. the grown up version of playing with mud pies?? LOL :o)

Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures when that scanner is sorted out..

And.. thanks for coming over to "The Pig" earlier on, and leaving me a comment.. nice to see you there!


Kristin said...

Hi, I've never seen your blog before, but I'm wondering what the picture at the top is?

Thanks! :)