Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I was visiting Pilot Mom's blog a little bit ago and she was talking about a frapper. Well, I decided that I needed to add that to my blog too! Gotta love when people put neat things on their blog that you can 'borrow' for your own!

Well, I added the link on the side bar, below the Psalm quotes (think it is called Daily Blessing or something like that), where you can go to add your name to the map.

All you do is add your name, zip code (if American), city if Canadian, and a little 'shout out' comment and it will record where you are. You'll have to erase my info because somehow when I did it my info stayed there...You can also click here to take you to the map.

Anyway, I'd appreciate all of ya's to add your name to the map :o) If there is a way to fix the link better so it looks nicer (like as a little button or something) I wouldn't mind if anyone could tell me how to do that...I'm so computer dumb! So, please add your name to my map, if you don't mind. This way I can see where everyone is from.


Joe said...

I'm not sure I got the whole idea of what a "frapper" is, but I filled it out over at claire's site. Do I do it for each site i visit, or what?

Pilot Mom said...

Shelly, there is a 'decal' thingy that you can add on your side bar. You just copy and paste it in your side bar template and then the cute "thingy" shows on your sidebar. Hope that helps. If not, let me know.:)

And, yes, Joe, you need to fill each on out for each of your friends. OTherwise, you are not showing up on their maps! :)

Jennifer said...

Just added myself. What a cool idea!

Maggie Ann said...

Shelley, the map is really impressive. I want to stay anon so will have to miss out....I've never seen one like that before, its pretty..its the real thing!