Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's Been A Long Time

Yup, it sure has. I've been doing school work a lot and some knitting (though not as much as I'd like to be doing). So far I am enjoying my courses, though the children's lit doesn't do much for me. The class is somewhat interesting, but it's just not my thing I guess. At least right now it isn't. I just don't feel the "excitement" I have in the past for going to school...

My writing class and the TESL class are great. I am really enjoying both of those, and I think they both help with each other - grammar wise at least.

While I don't feel weird about telling people I didn't get into education anymore, I still feel kinda weird being there...don't know why, but I'm getting used to it some - probably because I'm getting used to the classes, and there are other people in those classes who are closer to my age and even older. I think that helps some.

Well, not much to say at the moment. I'm just getting home from class not too long ago so I'm a little tired from that (I don't particularly care for these nearly 3 hour long evening courses). I hope to have more to write soon. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around and haven't given up on the blogging.

Have a Christ filled day!

Friday, September 08, 2006

TESL & more

No, don't worry, I'm not writing in tongues with the title of the post. TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language.

I had my first class last night (it's one of those one day a week for nearly three hour courses), and sounds like it is going to be a good class. There are supposed to be about twenty-three people in the class, but I think there were only about twenty there last night. Not sure if the others ended up dropping the class or if they just didn't show up.

Anyway, there are three books we are using, one is a grammar workbook which the prof wants us to use to help build our own grammar skills. It will also help us with the teaching of English. The other two are the texts we will read and use as the course goes on, though I haven't started reading them yet.

Each week we will have a two page (double spaced) essay of sorts to write and hand in the following week, as well as some sort of worksheet that we have to make up. The worksheet needs to be made up in such a way as though you were presenting it to a certain level (such as beginning learners of English, advanced, in between, etc.). The prof is going to have a sample on line for us to follow along with a couple of examples (which he's supposed to put on some time today). I'm not really following what we are to do for that just yet, but I think once I see the examples it will help. Also, I think reading the book will help with it as well so once I get the chapters read it should become more clear to me.

The other class I had yesterday afternoon was Effective Writing. If you want to read a bit about that, you will find my write up on my writing blog,
Ink Scrawls (click the title of the blog to take you there).

I felt really odd yesterday at school. I felt like I shouldn't be there because I have already graduated. I saw some people that I know, but no one has asked me if I never graduated or if I'm in (or not in) the education program. Still, I just really felt like I didn't belong in the school. I know there is nothing wrong with taking a few extra courses, but that was just the general feeling I was experiencing. It will go away after a few weeks I'm sure (I say weeks because I only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'm not back there til next Tuesday).

On the church front, Kristina and I are slowly getting things going for the mid week program. We have a name for the group picked out, a motto, a logo, a key verse; as well we have some leaders set up in certain areas. We're still looking for people to help with the dramas, music, van drivers, and the nursery.I was talking to the associate pastor on the phone for about half an hour last night discussing some things with regard to the mid week program, and he's given us a few names of people he highly recommends for some areas. He also gave a couple of names to contact to see if they could help us in the areas of van driving and nursery. (Kristina if you're reading this, I sent you an email - had one bounce back saying your spam filter wouldn't let it through so you'll have to fix that).

We still need to come up with an opening as well...for the first week. We have a bit of an idea but we need to work on it or see if we can get someone to help us come up with another idea or's still a work in progress. We should probably do this soon (maybe after church on Sunday Kristina?) because we have less than a month til the first night of the program.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

School Time Again

Today was registration day at school. I was already registered for my courses, but needed to go and get my mailbox key, books, and a couple of other things.

It felt totally weird being there when most of the people I've known from university have graduated and aren't there anymore. I felt - well almost alone. Yes, I know I wasn't alone because Jesus is with me, but I'm meaning alone in human terms. Sure there were a few people I saw that I knew, but none that I hung around with or was really "chummy" (did I just say that?) with. I was also a little afraid of people asking me if I was going into the education program and having to say no. That's pride I guess. One guy I knew did ask me, but it wasn't bad saying no because he wasn't all fake sympathetic and stuff. He thinks it sucks that I didn't get in and doesn't agree with some of the ways the school runs or does things. Thankfully he was the only one that said anything. I got there pretty early so that I was close to the front of the line (I didn't go to the information session like most of the students did), so maybe that's why I was lucky enough to avoid the question. I was also in and out pretty fast because I didn't do some of the stuff most people would have - like getting a year book photo taken or buying a year book or signing up for various committees and what not.

So after that (which didn't really take that long), I went and bought my books. One class, Children's Literature only had one text book, but it cost around $90 (or more). My Effective Writing has two books I believe, and my TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) class has three books. In total the cost was between $250 and $300, though I think it was closer to the $250 price range.

Although classes start tomorrow, I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I don't need to go in until Thursday afternoon. Then I'll come home for a couple of hours and go back at 6:30 for a nearly three hour course. Next Tuesday I'll have the same times for classes (the one in the afternoon is a two day a week class), but the only difference is that the evening class, which is another nearly three hour one, is a different subject. Those evening classes are each one day a week classes.

I'm looking forward to my classes I guess. For awhile I wasn't - probably because these courses aren't part of my degree. The Children's Lit class isn't exciting me too much, but the other two I am really looking forward to.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. I'll let you all know how things go at Thursday's classes! God bless, and have a Christ filled day!