Sunday, July 01, 2012

See You In September!

This is a repost from my teaching blog...

After several date changes, we are apparently leaving tomorrow afternoon to make our way to Kelowna. We'll now take two days to get there instead of doing it in one looooonnnnggggg drive.

I'll be attending a mini conference on Blended Sight Sounds with one of the other teachers from my school. It was supposed to be a three or four day conference, but unfortunately it got cancelled. The other teacher knows the man who was going to be speaking, so she convinced him to give the two of us a half-day version to help us.

Once we get to Kelowna, we'll have a day or so to shop and soak up the sites (though the other teacher, R, is from there and she said she'd show me around since I've never been there), then the conference and an evening to go out for supper and meet up with one of the other teachers from our school who decided not to come back in the fall (she may have a job in Kelowna in the fall, and has one for the summer).

I fly out on Friday, and head back east for the summer. I'm anxious and looking forward to getting back and seeing family and friends.

But, I have a lot to do today to get ready for leaving tomorrow - packing, cleaning up the apartment so that it's spotless as much as possible (a friend of mine and her daughter are moving out here at the end of summer because my friend got a job teaching at my school, and they are staying with me until they find a place), and lots of laundry to do (clothes, bedding, towels)...I had planned on doing some of the cleaning today and some tomorrow (also did a little yesterday), so now I have to get it all done today. I don't think it will take too long though - I can do some cleaning while I have the laundry in at least.

After saying all that, I want to mention that I probably won't be posting a lot, if any, over the summer. I'll be staying with my mom, and she doesn't have internet. The only time I'll be able to get online is if I'm at a friend's place and am allowed to check email, facebook, etc.

I hope you all enjoy your summer!