Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

This was day two of being back to work since having two weeks off for Spring Break.

I must say that although I didn't do much, I was able to relax, catch up on rest, catch up on reading (I read about five and a half or six books during that time), and I even managed to do a little bit of cooking.

But, as I said, I am back to work now. And these past two days have found me exhausted by the end of the day!  I didn't expect to be quite so tired so soon, but then I realized that I am getting used to being on my schedule again.

Recently, towards the end of Spring Break, I discovered journals. I was on Pinterest looking for ideas to use in class, and somehow I came across some art and Scripture journals - or at least pages that people have created for their journals. I really loved the way they looked and how they were set up.  I'm not an artist, but I do like to play around with paint and draw from time to time (though it hasn't been much lately, but I did take painting lessons for a year about ten years ago, and I also took a drawing class in university about six years ago).  Seeing all those creative pages inspired me, and I want to try some myself. I don't have much in the way of supplies, but I will make do and see how this goes.  This might be a good way for me to practice painting and drawing - and being creative. I've got a few simple pages done, but didn't have any pencil crayons or anything at home to colour them with (I'll need to work on that). Also, the paints I have are water colour and the journals I'm using aren't set up for that so I think I will cut up some of the water colour paper I have (into smaller pieces) and use that and either make my own journal or just lay them separately in a box/container loosely.

We'll see how it goes. If any of them turn out decently, I may share them here or on my knitting/craft blog (which I haven't updated in eons because I haven't been doing any knitting).

One reason I decided to attempt these types of journals was because I'm always saying that I wish I could draw and paint. Well, the thought occurred to me...if I don't practice these things, and try, then of course I won't be able to do it. I can't expect to just pick up a pencil or paint brush and be able to create beautiful images! It takes work - practice - and only then will I be able to do these things and develop my own style. I have to put in the work if I want the results. I need to be disciplined in this.

That goes for anything - learning something new, losing weight, perfecting a skill. Practice makes perfect as they say.

And, some day I hope to glorify the Lord with my creativity. It might not be now or any time soon, but if I keep at it, that day will come!