Saturday, October 29, 2005

Pitt Bull Cat

Ok, by popular demand...well, is the promised picutre of my pitt bull cat!

The darkest lines are where the prof went over it to "bring it out". This technique was where we had to scribble a bunch of lines to get a rough idea of what we were drawing, and then gradually adding the bolder lines to give the shape of whatever it was we were drawing.

As I said, I attempted to draw a cat. I had been feeling a little confident that my cats were improving and actually looking like cats. However, little did I know...they were not turning into cats, but pitt bulls! Well, I shouldn't say all of them...but this one did.

Oh well, I guess it's back to the drawing board eh! Get it, drawing board, I draw...Hehehehe! Sorry, my poor attempt at making a joke! Oh well, at least I thought it was


Badoozie said...

oh my sakes, that is a mean looking 'cat', er i mean, pit bull. but it's better than what mine would resemble, which could be anything from a rabbit to an antelope.

draw on!!!

Badoozie said...

it's me again, crazy repeater person, hey, someone on the last post asked you about your picture at the top of your site, i'm curious too, so where did you get it?

Shelley said...

Susie, thanks for the reminder about the pic at the top of my blog. Well, I can in no way take any credit for it, other than choosing it.

Darlene, over at What Would Jesus Blog is solely responsible for it. The link thingy over on my sidebar for Chameleon Blog Skins is where I got it from. I'm not sure if she has the site back up right now or not, as she had taken it down for awhile due to being busy with other things.

However, you can always check with her at her blog site (What Would Jesus Blog).

Jennifer said...

What are you talking about? That is a great looking cat!

Anonymous said...

it does look like a cat. you're getting there. it looks good. =)

Shelley said...

Jennifer and Pia, thanks so much for the encouragement. I have a long way to go before though before it really looks like a least a "real" looking cat and not a "cartoonish" type

Zoanna said...

I used to date a guy that looked like that. Then we broke up. He was too good for me. :9