Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catch Up

Well, I have been home now for six days. I spent about 7ish weeks back East with my family. It was good to get back and have a chance to relax.  I did a lot of reading (which I wasn't able to do during the school year), went to Halifax twice for three days each time, and just plain vegged.

In Vernon, British Columbia en route to Kelowna
I ended up leaving here (July 3) and driving with a friend down to Kelowna where we were going to a teacher's conference for one day. It was originally scheduled for three or four days, but it got cancelled. My friend knows the man who would have been instructing and she contacted him and asked if he was willing to give us half a day or a whole day (whichever worked for him) since I had booked my flight to leave from Kelowna way back in February when we signed up for the conference.  Thankfully, he was willing to help us and provided us with resources and lots of ideas for this program.

I left Kelowna and reached my hometown (well, hometown from the time I was 10) on July 6th. Thankfully, I there were no problems along the way.  It took me quite awhile to adjust to time zone, and I don't think I ever really did. I didn't mind though - I was on vacation!

As I said, I've been home for six days. Out of those six, I've been at the school for four days attempting to get my classroom ready and prepare for school to start on September 4th. Most of what I've accomplished so far is "grunt work" - cutting, pasting, sharpening pencils, photo copying, etc.

I've also been praying for my students over the summer, and also praying for myself - that I will be a better teacher this year, that I will be more effective, etc.  My BFF accepted a position with the school I'm teaching at, so I've been praying for her and her daughter as well. They are away from all of their family (like I was last year, and still am) and I understand what it's like to be in this situation.

In other "news" (OK, it's probably not technically news...), I've been reading my devotions and Bible pretty much every day throughout the summer. I'm still in the book of Psalms (138 to be exact), but have also read the book of 1 John as well. Three friends and myself started a Bible study (we used to do them together several years ago) towards the end of summer, and we are continuing it online until it's finished. I've enjoyed our discussions and have found them to be insightful.  I'm also looking forward to getting involved in a small group/Bible study through the church this year, and hoping I can connect with others. At the church I mostly attended last year (except the last month or so before I left for vacation) I found it was difficult to connect with anyone. I hope this one is better! I would like to make more friends here, especially since the only people I know are co-workers and my students and their parents (well, as much as you can get to know your students' parents).

This is getting quite long - longer than I intended, so I will end for now. Have a Christ-filled day!