Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Great Pumpkin

This afternoon my brother came over with his son, my cute adorable nephew (who is 2). They brought with them 2 small pumpkins - the task to degut and carve. This is the first time that D has been exposed to the carving of jack-o-lanterns.

My brother had stopped at Walmart and bought one of those pumpkin carving "kits" which simply consist of a little knife and small shovel type scoop. He said it was only about a dollar, and he figured it wouldn't really work because it was probably cheap since it cost so little. Well, lo and behold, it worked really well!

My brother would loosen the inner goop, put some on the little scoop for D to dump into a bowl. He was a big help and seemed to be enjoying the fun. They did that together, and when it came to the actual carving, D wanted to help too but we explained that only Daddies or Mommies or other adults can do isn't for little boys. Well, while my brother was carving (first he drew the faces on and showed them to D who laughed) D would try to scoop goop (as he was calling it), but there was none left...that didn't stop him though.

When all was said and done, D didn't want to keep the 'hat' on the jack-o-lanterns at all and it took us several tries to convince him to leave them on...eventually he did but only because we distracted him with something else.

Oh, I forgot to mention, D also got a new craft/paint smock to wear while scooping goop. It's just one of those cheap plastic ones with the ties on the side. Well, he was some proud of that smock and wouldn't take it off until after supper time...and even then he didn't really want to take it off.

I took pictures of the process, figuring they would be nice in a scapbook. Don't know if my brother will allow me to post D's picture with the jack-o-lanterns or not...I'll try to see if he'll let me.

Speaking of pictures, I now have a picture of my "famous" pittbullcat. Check the post below to see it...and don't expect much; remember I'm just starting out with my drawing!

Have a Christ filled day!


Joe said...

Goop scooping is always fun.

Jennifer said...

Kids are SO much fun!

An Ordinary Christian said...

So precious! (the nephew and interations - but the cat's not bad either.)

Darlene said...

I forgot to get a pumpkin and now I can't scoop goop.

Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like a fun time you had!