Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ramble Ramble Ramble...

Don't specifically have one topic to discuss tonight, so thought I would just keep things short this time and write on a couple things that came to mind.

1. Today at church, we had a letter written from one of our young adults who went over to Lintz, Austria at the end of May to do some mission work. He is working with the youth at that particular church, and is there until the end of August. Things are going well by the sounds of it, and he has even preached two sermons in German! He is a biblical studies major who just graduatied this past May.

At the end of August, he will go to the Czech Republic to work for at least a year (might turn into two years) as a youth pastor. He's excited, but nervous no doubt. He will have to learn some Czech he said, but I'm sure the Lord will use Him greatly.

This fellow loves God with his whole heart. He has been on a few short term mission trips in the past, and enjoys serving the Lord in this capacity. I know he will do great in the Czech Republic, and the Lord will definately use him!

His name is Jeremy, and I'm sure he'd love your prayers!

2. I finally finished reading through the writing magazine I bought the other day, looking for hints, tips, help, etc. Mind you, I didn't read everything because I'm not interested in certain genres such as horror, fantasy, poetry. I am interested right now in fiction.

I sat down at my laptop tonight, and started my novel. Well, admittedly, I didn't start the actual novel (this actually scares me a little) but I started a character list. I have two main characters and two minor characters so far. With the minor characters, I believe they will only be mentioned and not real characters in the story, unless I decide to do some short flashbacks that involve these characters. Anyway, I was trying to get down ages, descriptions of looks as well as how they act, etc. To be honest, I am not sure what all I need in a character to make him/her "lifelike" and not fake and two-dimensional. The magazines had some hints for this, but it seemed more catered to characters in a novel that has alreay been written. I suppose I can use that, however, to create my characters properly from the start...

I will also have lots of research to do for this, though I can start the novel without much. Certain situations that I want to happen, maybe pieces of history...little things that make a story "real" will have to be researched for sure. Most parts of it will not require least I don't think it will. I can judge this as I go and research what I am unsure of.

Well, I guess this has turned out longer than I had planned. Oh well, I guess I need to learn to say things with less words and not be so...well,


MaY said...

When you said "short" in your opening line, I frowned and looked at the whole post. Then I smiled.

"So, this is what Shelley means when she says she'll make it short." :-D

Jeremy will be in my prayers everynight starting from tonight Shelley.

And on your book...once again...GOOD LUCK! Let it come to you...God will guide you for sure.

Joe said...

Jeremy seems like one who will be used greatly of the Lord.

As to the book: keep on keeping on!

Jess411 said...

Hey Shelley,

You know my heart on the novel. Just remember--write your way out of writer's block. I'm thinking about doing that myself. Actually, I don't have writer's block, I have "procrastination."

To whoever wanted to know if I have a blog--yup. Shelley set me one up last night since my computer hates me. You can find me at I'll look for you there,

Grace and Peace to you