Thursday, July 14, 2005

Getting Your Feathers Riled Up

Yesterday, I was listening to the CBC's (radio one) afternoon program called, "The Roundup" ( and follow the links to The Roundup). They mentioned an article in Vanity Fair regarding some red tailed hawks that had set up nest (for the last few years) on a ledge of a building in New York. The thing is, this building is a co-op condo (I believe that's what it is) for billionaires, and they don't want these hawks nesting on their building.

The nest is not on top of the building, but rather on a side "ledge". I checked out the website that has been set up for this hawk, who is called, for some reason, Pale Male. I saw the pictures that are posted of where this nest is located, and it is not in front of anybody's window so it is not like the nest (and the birds) are blocking anyone's view of Central Park...

The residents of this building are stirring up a fuss and wanting this nest removed, and of course there are those who are in opposition, claiming the nest should remain where it is. After briefly viewing the pictures on the site (link below), it is of my opinion that the nest and its occupants should remain where they are. As I stated, they do not block the view from any window and they really aren't in anybody's way. There are far more important and urgent matters in this world to be dealt with. Why not put the focus and attention on those matters, rather than these birds who are minding their own business.

Pale Male, his mate, and their babies can be seen at where those in charge of the site post pictures of the babies progress.

Anyway, I just thought this was an interesting story that I heard and wanted to comment briefly on. I haven't read the article in Vanity Fair though, to be fair. I think I might like to though as it sounds interesting.


MaY said...
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MaY said...

there's my bloggy shelley.

i added you in my hyperlink so anyone who views my blogs, can connect to you too.

i really do enjoy reading your blogs for they always concern things that are interesting, especially this one.

being a nature "freak" so to say, i really get irritated knowing some people are so ignorant when it comes to these things. i just can't understand why they would make a fuzz over something like this. it just makes me mad. you were right you know, it's not as if they were blocking anyone's view of NYC.