Monday, July 18, 2005

A Stitch in Time

I figured that since I have named this blog "Confirm The Work of Our Hands", that I should discuss something relating to this. I try not to discuss it in a way that would seem like bragging, or to get praise and glory for myself. All glory and praise is to go to the Lord.

I have been working on a little crocheted sweater (though the pattern refers to it as a jacket) for a baby, which I plan to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center along with some other items. I have most of the sweater done, all of one sleeve and a few more rows to go for the second sleeve. However, I am stuck. I have a problem with it.

I chained the right number of chains for the pattern and crocheted up as far as I was to go. I was then to work on a certain number of stitches for one of the front sides, which I did. Then, I had to fasten off and rejoin at the bottom of that part and crochet across a certain amount of stitches again for the back (the space between the front part and the back would be where the sleeve is sewed onto. Then, I had to fasten off and rejoin and stitch the required number of stitches once more to complete the other part that would be the second front side. This is where my problem comes into play.

I followed the directions exactly and I am going to end up with about 5 or 6 stitches left over in which there is nothing crochet. It is not going to match up! There is a trim around it, but from what I could understand in reading it, there is nothing that says to work this trim on any left over stitches. The pattern book that this appears in also has a picture of a finished sweater/jacket, and that looks fine. I am thinking that the problem lies in a missprint in the instructions, or I had started to make the sweater using the instructions for the 6 month size and then followed the 3 month size, but I honestly do not think it is that. I am rather upset that this happened.

I think what I might do is add a few stitches to the part that was worked for the back and then sew the little "seam" that would be between it so there isn't a hole, and then work the other front side and finishd the pattern according to the directions. I am also going to make a notation in it that it didn't work out quite right, and put the adjustments in so that I can follow those. I will try to remember to take a picture of it when it is done and post it on here so that people can see it.

I am not letting this deter me from using my hands for the Lord. I will continue doing things like this because it is one of my callings...whether it is a gift or talent (see post below this one) the Lord has equipped me with, I will use it for Him.

I thank the Lord that He has given this talent/gift to me and that I can serve Him with it. I give all glory, praise and thanks for any compliments I receive to Him!


Grafxgurl said...

hi there....just wanted to say hi and that i like your blog... am a beiever as well so in that i am your sis in Him:)

take care

This is my real life said...

i've had similar experiences with cross-stitching. i followed it exactly and it doesn't come out. eventually i just give up. why it that? does my brain no compute these simple things or are they not so simple...