Friday, July 08, 2005


Ok...what's up with gas? No, I'm not referring to the kind expelled from one's body. I'm talking about the kind that one pumps into one's vehicle.

Yesterday, I noticed the price of gas here has gone up...a lot. It had increased a lot since the beginning of the new year, but yesterday the price became even moreso ridiculous than before. It is now selling at $1.02 a litre!

I don't really know what is causing this increase, and from what I have been told, prices for petrol have gone up drastically all over...and not just in my own country. I'm sure all that is going on in the Middle East is playing a factor. And I wonder if yesterday's bombing in London, England has anything to do with it. I mean, the news was reporting at one point that the stock market had been affected, so it makes me wonder if that didn't help raise the price of gas. I am going to make myself sound old with this next saying, but..."I remember when" the price of gas was around 50 cents a litre.

This price hike makes me somewhat glad that I'm not driving anymore. I don't have to worry about spending at least $40 a week or so to fill up the tank. This is just simply crazy. With the way prices are now, maybe the scientists should work at figuring out how to make a car run on the gas caused by beans...might be a cheaper alternative.