Friday, July 08, 2005


Ideas...mainly I am thinking of ideas of what to write on this blog. I have been searching through blogs that others have done to see what sort of ideas they have come up with, and what they are talking about. There are definately a lot of unique ideas (and people!) out there.

While at work today, I came up with some ideas that I would like to post. Some things, however, I need to do some sort of research on to make sure what I say is correct. Other ideas will just be random thoughts I think...much like this post.

I enjoy the creative blogs, the funny ones and the ones with pictures. I am very new to this, so I haven't mastered the tips and techniques of the trade yet. I have seen some great blogs that have 'character' which seems to reflect the person's character. I admit, my blog is boring, it has no pictures, my words and thoughts don't flow smoothly (or at least the way I want them to), but I'm sure with practice and jazzing up the blog in some way things will improve.

So, ideas. I need some. I need lots. I need to just sit down and make an entry. Lots of great topics and situations, etc. to discuss or voice my thoughts and opinions on. I just need to pick one and sit down and write.

Ideas. Hmmm....


Suzii said...

I always used to ask my mama... even when I was a little girl... "What should I write about?" Her reply ((and are words that I live by daily))... "Write about something you know." Everything I write comes from my heart. Hope that helps some!

Shelley said...

Suzii...yes, that does help...though I feel I don't know much about anything. I guess I get "afraid" of being too long winded and no one will want to read it. But I suppose if I just write what I want on whatever topic I want and I'm satisfied with what I write, then that is what matters...and if I can help someone along the way, or make them laugh, or give them something to think about, then so much the better!

Thanks for your comment!