Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Refuge From the Storm

"For You have been...a refuge from the storm" Isaiah 25:4

The day had mostly been one of sun and heat with a few clouds in the sky. However, after I stepped out into the humid, sticky air to go home from work, the sky had changed. Now, it contained low, dark clouds. The sky was somewhat dark, though off in the distance you could see the sun trying to break through the clouds. The sky was that particular shade of blue and grey that comes with a storm that is about to take place.

For about five minutes, until we turned onto the highway, chain lightning was visible. It was bright and sharp against the dark background. It made me hold my breath as the fear began to well up inside. I really dislike storms. Pretty well anyone who knows me will back me up on that fact. This storm seemed 'different' though.

I began reciting Psalm 91, which I had read quite a number of years ago as being a prayer of protection. While I don't believe that it is a "magic formula" to read and pray that will make everything alright, I do believe that the Lord uses this to give me comfort. I say this prayer often, especially while in a car and before I go to sleep. I find comfort it it, and I use that.

On the way home tonight, I prayed this a couple of times and felt comforted. I watched the lightning and instead of feeling the fear that had been welling up inside, I now felt a sense of awe over God's power in the storm.

Soon, I found myself closing my eyes and praying Psalm 91 several times again. We had hit the rain by now. It started out as a light rain, but as we drove we could see the wind had picked up and was blowing dust and dirt around. This dust and dirt was thick and it was hard to see. We drove a little further and hit a fast, steady pelting of rain now. I was somewhat afraid again, but sought the Lord's comfort in Psalm 91. The rain was so bad that there were at least a dozen vehicles that had pulled over to the side of the road to wait out the rain. As for us, my father drove very slow and I was wishing at times that he would pull over.

We made it home safe and sound, thank the Good Lord above! I put my trust in Him and He was my refuge from the storm. Thank You Father that You are my refuge, not only during storms, but always.

I would like to add that my fear when riding/driving in the car stems from February 2002, when I was driving (alone) during a bad snow storm and trying to get home from work (we were sent home early). I had hit some ice and a little pot hole and my car began to fish-tail and I ended up rolling it. Thankfully it was only me involved, but I now have a fear when driving in the car (regardless of if I am the driver or someone else) and have to occupy myself looking out the side window or doing some crocheting (when someone else drives). If I have to drive, I tend to try not to do it at night (especially if it is a rainy night), during rain or snow...I am trying to remember to trust the Lord through this though and remember that He is in control. The Lord was my refuge during that storm as well, and I do believe that He protected me through this. I am lucky to be here, because it could have been a LOT worse!


Nettie said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well in conquering your fears!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Psalm 91 is one of my favorites, I agree with you, I find much comfort in it, knowing he hides me in the shelter of his wings, what an awesome loving God we serve!

Joe said...

James said, "you have not because you ask amis..." When we are praying the Scripture, we can be assured that we are not "asking amis."

Really nice blog. I've been here before and have seen your comments on others' blogs.

Will link yours to mine, if that's OK.

Joe said...

Don't you wish I could spell "amiss?"