Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Friday!

Well, another week has entered the annals of time. Friday has finally arrived! It hasn't been a particularly long week, time did not seem to drag by (except for yesterday at work when my legs were feeling restless for some reason), nothing out of the ordinary happened. I am just glad it is Friday, and I get two days off from work, which is great.

I guess I am already feeling as though I need a break from work. I will finish working for the summer on August 19 so that I can have a couple of weeks of vacation before starting back for my fourth year at university.

I do not think that this has anything to do with being lazy, it is more of just needing a break. I had three or four days off after fininshing my exams the end of August before I started work. I think another factor is that I really do not enjoy doing this type of work any longer (data entry) as it is monotonous. Thankfully I can listen to cd's, books on tape/cd, or the radio to help pass the time. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that I am able to go back to this job every summer and it does provide me with some money for school. This type of job just isn't exciting to me.

This upcoming school year will be my last year of working on my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, and I would imagine it will be hectic. I am going to need to be rested going into this. I would like to be able to not have to worry about having money for school, and just be able to finish work for the rest of the summer, however, I cannot do that. So, I will be thankful for this opportunity and praise God that He will help me get through this, and that He is with me each and every day.

One thing that I find I need to pray and remember each and every day, is that I am doing this job as though I am working for Him and not my boss. I pray that I do well, do my best, and glorify Him with the work that I do. Sometimes it is the prayer that I remember to work as though working for Him that gets me through the day. I find that I also have to put on my full armour of God each morning, especially when going to work, because there is so much negativity in the office...lots of back biting, gossip, two-faced people, etc. This sort of thing can really affect a person, and if you are not prepared with the armour then it is so easy to fall into it. With the armour and the help of the Lord, I am protected and can get through the day much easier than if I start out without putting on my armour and letting the Lord help me.

So, I am glad it is Friday. I can sleep in in the morning, I do not have to worry about productivity or typing speed, I can crochet or knit as long as I want to (without worrying about making it back on time from break). Yes, Friday is great, for the simple reason that I can relax now for a couple of days.

Gotta love the relaxation!

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MaY said...

Yes, friday always promises 2 wonderful non-working days for people like us that work during the week. At least you get to sit, as for me shelley, im standing all day. LOL. which is really a pain, but nevertheless, like you are, I am grateful for my job. Grateful that God gave it to me in my most needed time. Grateful that I was blessed with a good boss and a not so demanding job. But again, like you, I am beginning to be restless in it. i will be going back to school next year, take up a whole different field in medicine and i am happy for you that you are finally in your last year. Thank you for reminding me to wear the our full "armour" to work. i am embarrassed to admit, that i forget that sometimes. until your next blog...