Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloomin' Flowers...

I was just looking out the window at the flower gardens my mom and dad planted. They both love to grow flowers, Mom moreso than Dad I think. They have created a huge round bed in the backyard where they plant daliahs with marigolds around the outter edges (I think the reasoning behind this is the scent from the marigolds keeps certain bugs away, but I don't know if it is that or not). Along the back edge of the backyard, that gives way to a small 'hill' and progresses into the neighbour's backyard, are two long beds with a rose arbour in the middle (a little pathway). Here is where they plant some gladiolas, tulips, roses to climb the arbour, and many other flowers that I have no idea as to what kind they are. Along the side of the house runs another bed with more glads, lilies, and other kinds. Out in front under the living room window and the bedroom windows are two more flower beds. Here there are more lilies, snap dragons, geraniums, peonies, rhodadendron, and others.

Though there are not a lot of flowers out in bloom just yet, there are several that are. Some of the flowers bloom in spring, some in the summer and some into the fall. Myself, I am not a gardener though I do envy their love of this hobby. I do wish I could get into this as I find a house just doesn't look like a home unless there are flowers planted around the yard (and a cat in the window too). I do not know if I will ever seriously get into this or not, but maybe if I had my own house it might be different and I would find myself out in the garden planting flowers.

When I think of flowers, I think of just how detailed the Lord God is. There are thousands of varieties of flowers, hybrids, colours, patterns, etc., all created by Him. It is amazing to think that you can have a lily and it can be any number of colours, you can have different varieties of lilies, single colours, single blooms, multiple colours with multiple blooms. It just amazes me at how detailed God is.

He is like that with all of His creations. Each is detailed. Each is unique, even if it looks the same as another (such as in the case of twins). How boring the world would be if each person were exactly the same, if they looked the same, talked the same, dressed the same, had the same thoughts and ideas. What if there were only one kind of flower? No variety of colour, no hybrids, no different types of flowers, etc.

God cares about each of us. He knew us from the beginning of time, from before we were even in the womb. The Bible tells us that God knows the number of hairs on the top of our heads! How amazing is that?

I need to remind myself to be thankful for the way that God created me. Why should I care if others think I might talk too much at times? God has gifted me with speech. Why should I care if I don't look like the models on the cover of the magazines? God loves me the way I look. Why should I care if my hair isn't curly or thick? God gave me my straight fine hair because that is what He wanted me to have. God created me the way I am because that is what He wanted me to look like. I should be greatful for that, and not wish that I look or act like someone else. God loves me, and that is what counts.


This is my real life said...

i agree completely with what your post says. There is too much detail in everything that surrounds us. i find it gets harder to imagine anything other than God behind it the more you learn about life and all the beauty that surrounds it, whether it be the earth, plants or human life. God is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Amen. The very universe declares God's majesty, and his grace.

Paula said...

Awesome post! You said, "God cares about each of us. He knew us from the beginning of time, from before we were even in the womb. The Bible tells us that God knows the number of hairs on the top of our heads! How amazing is that?". I was thinking about that very thing just yesterday. God even has our names written on the palm of His hands. How cool is that!!!

Suzii said...

I feel the same way as you do. Totally in awe of what God has created... in me... and in the rest of the earth. To see how I feel about all that God has created... read my post from April 26, 2005 titled "If I could save 'sand' in a bottle". Thank you very much for visiting my site. And... thank you for your encouraging words.

MarkMichael said...

Shelley, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind post. It's always wonderful to meet other believers and befriend someone who genuinely loves the Lord with all of their heart. I pray that you are successful in your mission, namely to "share the gospel" with the discussion on your blog.

Don't worry about having a particular knowledge or expertise in one area. Take knitting for example...I can't knit and so I would consider you an expert!

Enjoy the beautiful flowers and perhaps some day, when you and your husband have purchased your first home, you'll awaken the passion and green thumb that you never knew you had!

Please visit my site again! I look forward to reading yours in the coming weeks. Have a blessed weekend and continue to glorify Him!