Thursday, November 03, 2005

Stolen From Katie's Blog

Yes, I admit it. I stole this from Katie's blog because I am tired tonight (had a midterm today) and don't know what to post. So, for your quiz taking enjoyment, here it is...

You are Franklin!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Let me know which character you are!


Pilot Mom said...

I'm a Franklin, too! :)

Badoozie said...

I took the test, it says I'm a charlie brown, but I don't agree, I want to be a lucy, bossy, and always right. so I think the results are somewhat skewed. That CB guy is kind of out there, spacey and what not? well, maybe I am him.

Jennifer said...

I'm Rerun. Fun!

Kate said...

Hi Shelley,
I'm a Sally...Can you tell? I wasn't sure. I guess that's me. Really quite insightful :)

Have a great weekend! See you Sunday!

Me said...

I'm Linus.. always think these quizzes are fun!!! :o)

Have a good weekend Shelley!