Friday, November 04, 2005


How creative is our God? One of the ways we can witness His creativity is in His creation of human beings. Each of us has a face, and for the most part, each is different. Sure, there are twins, triplets, etc. or maybe people not related who might look like someone else, but that's not where I'm heading with this post.

To give a bit of background, this past Wednesday in my drawing class we learned to draw faces. This was one of the things that I have really wanted to learn to draw...especially in a realistic way (so that they don't look so cartoonish or childish). We learned two techniques, but I am finding so far the second one easier for me (though I will continue to practice the first one). The above drawings are what I did the past two days. So far they don't look overly realistic, but I'll be working on that. They aren't very good, but remember that I'm only just learning this.

The prof took us through each step, showing us what to do and then we would try it. It was interesting to go around the room and see everyone's results. Some were really good, some mediocre, and some really needed a lot of practice. However, that isn't the point. The point is this: the faces drawn were all different; kind of like how God has designed our faces different.

I have practiced a couple of faces since I then, and though they are somewhat similar to a degree, there are still differences. This got me thinking about real people, and their faces.

Generally, our face is our identification. When we think of someone, it is their face that pops into our mind. Faces, for most people, are what attracts us to others (but yes, there are other things too)...looks being a great factor in attraction for most people.

Now, I admit, I am no great beauty. Most days I don't think I'm all that much to look at, but at other times I see pretty in there too. They say God doesn't make junk/garbage, and while I tend to agree with this there are times when I wonder why I couldn't have been a little more favoured in the beauty department.

I think society has shaped us in the whole beauty thing. Media tries to tell us that we all need to be ultra skinny-thin and magazine model pretty or else we are considered ugly. But, we shouldn't be focusing on looks, they shouldn't be the most important thing in a person. I mean, even Jesus wasn't a magazine model type. How do I know this? Isaiah 53:2 "...He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him."

There is so much more to a person than his or her appearance. God looks to the inner man/woman, so why don't we? Why do we tend to put more focus on outward looks? Yes, I think that there should be attraction between men and women, but I don' t think it should be the main thing.

So, what do you think about faces? Are they important to you? Is a face what should be judged on to be considered beautiful? Let me know how important or unimportant it is to you...


AFGUY said...

WOW..that was awesome work. I think everyone is beautiful and a face can show many things about a person and there inner soul.

Also im new to your blog...
I got your blog from katie..
Check out my blog if you like too

AFGUY said...
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Badoozie said...

Faces are important to me, because in a face I don't look for worldy beauty, but I look for the inner person, mirrored in the face. The nitting of the brows, the presence or absense of laugh lines around the eyes, the eyes themselves, and the way I can see into the eyes, and see a reflection of the inner soul, many times I can see a person that is unhappy, depressed, or in pain. I don't just throw that out there at them, but I think about it. And later on, after I get to know someone, many times my first impression was correct. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I think that means that through our eyes, we can see anothers soul through their expressions, and their actions. I don't think we can peer INTO the eyes and fortell what they are thinking. just some drivel

on a lighter note, I don't know if you watched Napoleon Dynamite, but when I saw your first drawing, ( not that it was bad!) it just brought a chuckle to me, because in the movie, when he drew a picture of the girl he wanted to go to prom with, he said "it took me 3 hours to finish the shading on your upper lip) and she was not pleased, as this "shading" resulted in quite the lovely mustache. If you havne't seen the movie, I recommend it for a good laugh.


daisymarie said...

i love to study people's's tough to do without looking like you're staring. i love to notice smile lines and eyes. faces are windows to what's going on inside!

Nettie said...

They look fairly realistic to me!

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, faces are important....they are like doorways or windows to the soul on some people and can be like a mask on others. Just my two cents worth. I've always liked vintage and modern portraits and so on of children because of the purity and innocence in thier faces. I think your artwork is really good Shelley! How long have you been studying drawing? ....About my meatloaf goes:
2 slices bread
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon basil or more
" " pepper
1/2 cup ch. green pepper
2 lbs. ground meat
good shake of salt
2 Tbl. dried parsley
1 med. onion chopped
1 clove garlic minced
1/4 cup of wheat germ
opt. you can use 1/2 lb. sausage and not as much ground beef

Crumble bread into milk. Add rest of ingredients and mix well. Bake for 350 degrees for 1 hour,20 min. or until temp in center is 185 degrees. I often do add some seasoned bread crumbs if necessary and or an extra egg. Don't feel you have to try this now = ). And I was impressed that you are knitting a sweater. Will you post pics? And what is the mitten tree at church? Both have me interested. Happy Sunday to you Shelley!

Zoanna said...

I guess we enjoy visiting each other's blogs. I know I like yours; you are so expressive. The lady pictured on your template reminds me of me after a long day of homemaking, except for the dress and the a few "minor" details.
You are brave to post your beginning drawing. Very good start. I can never get the eyes on the same plane. They always looked diseased, which is why I prefer the camera instead.It gets the eyes right. I was at a party tonight of friends Missy and Kevin--Kevin was turning 40.

Missy's daughter (20 something) walked in and I'd never met her but I knew immediately she was Missy's. A miniature of her! And I could also tell who Missy's father-in-law was. He looked like an older Kevin (the birthday guy). I love seeing families together and how they look alike yet no two, not even twins, ARE alike. That's what inspired my sewing project called Katrina Kits, where no two are alike. It's one reason I like fabric stores so much--such variety, even among the reds, or the yellows,or the suedes or the cottons--it's about as much fun as people-watching on a busy street.

Zoanna said...

By the way, I was going to say that if you like meatloaf, you'll LOVE ham loaf. It doesn't sound good, but once I tried it (my friend Barb in Kansas made it) I won't go back to regular meatloaf. You grind a 1/2 inch slab of ham, and mix it with ground beef in equal parts. If you want the whole recipe, leave a comment on my latest post. (I seldom scroll back into the archives and I don't always remember to check back to the blogs I've commented on.)

Jayleigh said...

Great drawings, learning or not!

Initially what attracted me to getting to know people online is the fact that nobody SEES each other. It's this great big equalizing factor and you can really learn so much from someone in the way they write.

When I think of my husband, I see his eyes, or his strong chin, or his hands.

Come to think of it, if you had pics of all my close family members and friends hands, I could surely tell you who's was whose.

Faces can deceive, but hands cannot. My dad's big "farmer hands", all calloused and greasy, but gentle as can be.

Maybe I'm weird. lol

MaY said...

Is a face important to me?

Yes. Whatever is on the face is important, so I guess that means I placed importance to it. Does that makes sense? I am not looking at people with "attractive" faces just so i can say that I like them. Any face, ugly or beautiful, I like. Because what is important to me is a person's eyes (because I can see how sincere and truthful they are in them). I am a true believer in "beauty lies within" even though most people don't agree with me. It's hard to convince people (especially in todays society) to tell them that there is beauty beyond what we see. Sure, beauty counts, but it should NEVER be the basis of how good a person is. It's the heart that's the most important aspect in a person. If they have it, they are beautiful, in God's eyes and in my eyes. But if they don't have a heart, reminds me of the Ice Queen. Pitiful beauty.

Btw, about your drawing...I like them. I like those kind of drawings..not realistic, but somehow they are. I cant explain it. It's more artistic to me that way. Reminds me of north american indian art. Keep up the good work!

God bless you..

David said...

I love that you are growing in expression, and in sharing them - ( i think I once dated girl#2 )
God is such an artist, and love is such a wonder. I believe that there is a love out there foe every face, and that God has not made any that do not have beauty, it sad that we live in a time when beauty is defined so narrowly by our celebrity sick culture. The most beautiful part of a womans face, is the smile she has just for her man, or her child.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Susie. Faces tell us so much about a person, especially the eyes. I can generally tell by looking into someone's eyes whether or not they are gentle soul, if they're lying, etc. I know I have often wondered why God didn't make me prettier, but I think it's because He knew I would have a problem with pride if He did. And it's important to remember that Jesus wasn't especially attractive. But we are ALL God's masterpieces! Thanks Shelley.

This is my real life said...

I've not talked to you in so long shell! what's up girl?

email me sometime to let me know you are alright. i got lots to update you on...

p.s your blog looks super cool!!!! i love it to bits!!!

Joe said...

I think you have captured the essence of my aunt Marion!

Seriously, I think the human face is the most difficult thing in the universe to draw. I have never seen a totally realistic depiction.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

That's really cool that your post was about faces. The title of the retreat was 'Face to Face', first with yourself and then with God.

Most of the subject matter was resolving your past and facing a future, and learning to be feminine.

You said, I signed up to go. Yes I did in March. There was no subject matter at that time. I would have prefered a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

I'm so glad to be home.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelley...The Mitten Tree is such a fine idea. What a good feeling that must be to participate in. And...I'll look forward to seeing a picture of the sweater by and by ...if its convenient for you. I'm so to you later...happy knitting and all!

An Ordinary Christian said...

I enjoyed your really good face drawing and your post, and the comments. Ham loaf - that sounds good. I really liked what David had to say. The special look for the loved one. Oh, to be the recepient of a love like that....that is the sum of the blessings of life.

Anonymous said...

i first recognize someone by his face. so i guess that's important. but it's also not all about the face only. there's the outer and inner beauty. to have a beautiful face is a bonus. what matters is one's character.

those are fairly good drawings.

Me said...

You know, I keep thinking back to a movie Himself and I watched some time ago.. "Shallow Hal" I think it was called.

Don't you think that's exactly what the "world" is like.. a bit shallow, because if you're not a perfect size 4, with beautiful eyes,wonderful teeth, perfect nails etc etc etc... then you can get .. well, glossed over a bit.

Such a shame... when each face is so individual... may show some of what its owner has been through in life.. and may show what lives in their heart also.

I'm so thankful that God looks further than just our faces.. just the size of our hips..