Saturday, November 26, 2005

Psalm 55:22

"Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you."

For me, I find this to be very true. Every time I do cast my burdens, cares, worries, etc. on the Lord, I feel a weight lifted from my shulders and I do know that He will sustain me, help me, guide me and lead me through out every situation.

However, knowing and doing are two totally differnt things. For some reason I find it difficult to actually cast things onto the Lord. There are many reasons: "What IF He doesn't sustain me?", "What IF the things that happens isn't what I wanted or hoped for because I gave it to Him?" and any other 'what if' sort of question.

Maybe, rather than focusing negatively on this results I could ask more positive questions like: "What IF I give it to Him and the end result is far better than I had hoped for?", "What IF I am more blessed for trusting God in the situation than in trusting myself?", "What IF I give it all to Him and don't have to worry anymore."

I think that could help - rather than looking at something and asking negative type questions, I ask the positive ones and then actually take action and give the problem/situation to Him. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is all in the attitude. If I focus on this negatively and fearfully then I am more apt to keep the control myself, get stressed out, and develop more fear, etc.

Fear is also a big factor for me - the fear of possibly losing control over a situation or whatever. Ultimately I am NOT in control; God is. I think this fear of losing control is a 'natural' human tait that is inborn in us. This is definately something I need to work on.

I know the only way I can overcome all of this is with His help. It is a constant 'struggle', but I know when I actually 'let go and let God', things work out far better than if I try to keep the control myself. I don't always try to keep the control myself, but it does happen often. I am learning though. I need to cast not only my burden, but my life on the Lord and let Him sustain me in any and every situation. This isn't just something to do once or twice or once in a blue moon, but always.


Jennifer said...

I find myself having to do this every day. It's so easy, but I make it so hard. And you'd think after all the times God has proven himself to me, I'd learn. But I don't.

Shelley said...

I hear ya Jennifer, I'm the same way!

Kate said...

Shelley, Thank you so much for writing what you did. Every word that you wrote has been written for me in my situation tonight. I don't think I've ever felt God so much in something than in what you wrote.

I'll tell you more about what happened tomorrow.

Love you,


Darlene said...

Whenever I am burdened, I wan't to cast my cares on the first person who will answer their phone. If I would go to God first, I may get a quicker resolution. :)

Pilot Mom said...

Maybe a better question or two to ask yourself is, "When has He never been faithful to me? When has He ever failed to sustain me, direct me in my best interests?"

It is a tremdous struggle but when one realizes that you are trusting YOUR way over GOD'S way because you don't have faith in how He will deal with the situation...then you are beginning to step out on the right path! After all, we are talking about the Creator here...the One who fashioned you, who developed your personality, your innermost being, the way you think, react and respond to things....surely He does know what is best. Especially since His view is perfect whereas our view is definitely flawed!

I'm excited for you Shelley as you step out in faith, beginning to trust Him for the outcomes. It's such a positive that you are recognizing areas that you need to bring your will under His authority. What a special time of growth for you! :)

Joe said...

Sometimes we handle our cares like a yo-yo. We cast them upon Him, but keep the string attached and they come right back.

Lord help us to lear to let go!

M. C. Pearson said...

Yes. So true. I daily have to cast my cares, fears, worries to God. I also must remember to cast praise, love, adoration to Him too! He is our Wonderful Councelor.

Pia said...

i struggled with that too, used to be a control freak, and i still do sometimes.

Jayleigh said...

You are so right on with your post, Shelley dear. I ask all these questions like "What IF He doesn't sustain me?", and I refuse to give it ALL to him.

And like Darlene, I want to give it to the first person to answer the phone, be it my hubby, my sister or my best friend. And I so know better than that.

Praying that your day is blessed and that you give it all to Him.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelley...what an honest post! We can all identify with this and the comments are so edifying...what a blessing of encouragements! by the way...have you been doing any knitting? I know you are so busy with school.