Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Feel Like Reading A Short Story?

Well, if you click here you will be instantly transported (or a new window will open, not sure which) to my latest short story. I wrote this in about an hour and was feeling rather angry at the time I wrote it. Not my best piece but I hope it can get a message across. This one ranked 28 out of 147 entries for the weekly challenge at FaithWriters.


Katie said...

Shelley - it's funny how those "angry" stories seem to be the ones with the truest emotions. I got the message you wanted to get across, and I needed it today. Thanks.

Joe said...

It is so wonderful how God speaks to us by bringing His word to mind. It is what verifies, "Thy word have I hid in my heart..."

Kate said...

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for your story...I felt I was there. Thank you for it.


Jess411 said...

Wow Shelley..your writing gets "Gooder and gooder" LOL. Keep up the awesome work. With school and piano and work, and the Christmas project, I haven't been able to get to the challenges like I should. Maybe after Christmas.

Badoozie said...

I've never been "not married", so I am humbled by your sincere and honest portrayal of a single person, and the loneliness and emptiness that you feel. I take for granted that I have a companion at my disposal. In fact, i complain mightily about my companion, and am disgruntled with him much of the time. It's like the person who has everything complaining while there is someone next to them with nothing.

It seems like human nature is to always want what we don't have. The single person longing for that union of marriage, and the disgruntled married person longing for the freedom that comes with being single.

I know how bad pat answers can hurt, and how bad it can hurt when well meaning people give advice, or comments that only make it worse. I know how it is to wonder why God has me where I am, and wonder "what in the world is He up to?" Why, as you said, would he give you this desire in your heart, and not fulfil your hearts desire. As the verse says, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find. There is also the verse that says, why would a father give his son a rock when he asked for a loaf of bread? ( i hope i have that right)

I feel your pain. The pain of not knowing what God is doing, and why he isn't doing things the way you wish them to be done. The best advice, is no advice. No words can soften the pain that you are feeling, and from time to time, these feelings will rare up within you. You are only human, and as such an intuitive person as I can see that you are, it is only natural for you to search deeply for your purpose in this life.

I pray that God will reveal his purpose to you, and that when He does, that it will be acceptable to you, and that you will not be disappointed.


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelley...I read your short story and came away with the thought of 'bearing one another's burdens' so am lifting up a prayer....and know you have a wonderful ability to communicate through writing. I'm suprised your story didn't come out much higher on the list. You are very talented!

Shelley said...

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. They really mean a lot to me. You guys are great! God bless you all!