Sunday, August 07, 2005

Writer's Challenge

Ok. I have done it and there is no turning back now. I have hit the submit button and entered my entry for the writer's challenge that I had decided to take part in on the writer's forum I belong to. Thanks to Jess again for suggesting that site.

I am scared and nervous because this is the first real thing I have written (aside from these blog posts and some devotional type things I have written in the past on and let anyone read. I know that not everyone will like my writing, nor will everyone agree with it. I don't expect to get glowing acclamations, but I am hoping some people will like it. The people who belong to the site (the members who take part that is) are allowed to read the entries and make comments on them. One good thing though, is that all entries are anonymous so that the comments are unbiased. Another good thing is that there are three separate categories for entry: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. This way someone like me, who is in the beginner category does not compete with (to my knowledge) someone in the advanced category. I've read some of the previous! What talent!

I had the piece pretty much written up last night (all entries are due a week after the topic is given, and that is always on a Monday), but I did not feel confident on it at all. I left it and went to bed and came back to it this afternoon. I prayed before I did anything with it today. Then I reread it over several times and made some fine tunings and then read it over more and made several more adjustments. I hope it sounds half decent.

Hopefully I will have enough courage to post here, when I see the comments, how my piece did and let you all know how it went. I am looking forward to tomorrow when I find out the next topic to write about. I've been warned that this is rather addictive...and I can see how it is!

So, I am off now to go do some reading in my "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Well" book to hopefully gain some hints and tips to improve my writing.

God bless and have a Christ filled day!


Joe said...

You can do this. Your writing is very readable and on point.

God Bless your efforts.

Jess411 said...

Yay Shelley!

I didnt' get a challenge piece in. I should have worked on it this weekend, but I went out with Amanda on Saturday, and then a bunch of us went and hung out at Waffle House after church last night.

Will be sure to look and try to find yours.


Fish Tank is broken! said...

The Lord said to Joshua before he enter the promise land: Be strong and of good courage (3 times), do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go...

The Lord of Joshua is the same Lord who is with you today.. His grace be upon you.

Be of good cheer!

Suzii said...

Hey... I want that book! Is it anything like Writing For Dummies? (Is there one like that?) LOL! My problem with my writing is I write whatever is in my brain... and I usually don't go over it to fine tune it. You will do very well. I enjoy your writing and I visit your blog several times a day. You are encouraging and have wonderful thoughts about things. Be blessed with your writings... and let us know how you do!!!!!

MaY said...


May God inspire you to be more creative in your works and may He enlighten you with every challenge you are faced with!

God bless!

pia said...

go shelley! you can do it!

GOD bless!

MarkMichael said...

Shelley, you're going to do great! Let us know how things turn out. Enjoy your summer while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

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