Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Crown and Sword

I had an incident that happened to me a couple of years ago that I would like to share and see if anyone has any ideas or thoughts about it.

It happened at church, after the morning service was over and people began to leave. A woman that I had never met in my life tapped me on the shoulder as I was speaking to a friend and said that she needed to talk to me. I didn't recognize her, and figured she must have had me confused with someone else. She explained that she was the sister-in-law to one of my church's well respected deacons. Her, her husband, this deacon and the deacon's wife were sitting in the row behind me, to the left. I did not know this until she told me after she introduced herself.

She went on to say that while she was sitting there, during the service, she had glanced over in my direction and saw that there was a golden crown on my head, and a sword running down the length of my spine. She said the handle of the sword went across my shoulders, an din the middle of the handle was a green emerald. She said that the crown, the stone, and the sword all meant something, but she wasn't quite sure. She said she was afraid to tell me this in case I thought she was psycho or something, but often got these visions to use as a way of encouraging others. She felt the Lord telling her to share this with me, so she did.

At the time, people had been saying that I was probably a prayer warrior because I was so much into it. I would pray for anyone and anything and felt it was a very important part of being a Christian. I still think it is important, but unfortunately I have been struggling with my prayer for a little while now (due to some other reasons unrelating to this). So, as we talked, she said she wasn't sure if it were to mean that it was confirmation I was/am a prayer warrior or not, but warriors use swords. She said the emerald was supposed to mean something too but she couldn't recall what the colour meant. She had a book on it at home (she lives on the west coast, and I'm on the east). I had also mentioned this to some other people who thought the sword might be referring to the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. It was at that time that I was really digging into the Word and writing "devotional" type pieces about what I had read.

So. It has been a couple of years now, maybe three, and I still don't know what this means. I know the Bible says we will all get crowns that we will lay at the feet of Jesus, but I don't know if that is what this is referring to or not.

Has any of you ever had an experience like this happen? If anyone has any knowledge on this sort of thing, in regard to the meaning, or any thoughts on the matter, or know how I can find out the meaning, please post them in the comment section. And yes, for the record, I did pray for understanding, etc. from God regarding the matter. I don't think to this day that I have had an answer though...and maybe I'm not meant to know.


Jess411 said...

Wow Shelley,

I've never experienced anything like that, but this is what I have experienced. Whenever some people would get up to sing or speak in church (not all people, just certain ones) it was like I would see a shadow superimposed over them. It was so amazing, because it was like something or Someone was blanketing them with protection or power or something. The only person I ever told was my best friend. Everyone else would have thought I was weird.

Shelley said...

Wow Jess...that is amazing! Does it still happen now? How interesting that is!

Jess411 said...

It still happens sometimes. I thought I saw it with my pastor today. It's's like the figure of a man surrounding them.

Joe said...

Perhaps the message was for her.

Paula said...

Crowns were worn sometimes to represent honour and power;

The word of God is likened also to a sword.

Hmmm, maybe she was seeing your devotion to God's word and the crown represented your position, you're ca princess, a child of the king.

Fish Tank is broken! said...

"golden crown on my head"
What Paula said was right, all Christians received a crown of glory and honour, we are all king and priest of God. Jesus is the King of Kings (us), and He is our High Priest. When we give glory to the Lord and give thanks to him, we are 'casting our crown at His feet', crown Him with many crowns, that's why in Rev Jesus has many crowns.
He is telling you, you are glorious in my sight, don't ever look down yourself or let anyone put you down.

"and a sword running down the length of my spine."
Ephesians 6 mentioned abt the sword of the Spirit, back is always a symbol of support. Isaiah 65 mentioned abt 'The Spirit will not depart from your mouth' It's talking abt praying in tongues. did you find peace and love of God especially when you pray in tongue? the Spirit of God is your support.

"She said the handle of the sword went across my shoulders, and in the middle of the handle was a green emerald"
Green emerald symbolises newness, evergreen, youthfuness in bible, in Rev/Isa the thrown of the Lord shown emerald like glory, to show everlasting promise of God, the word of God will never outdated,always present, don't see it as something for the pass, like David said: You are my very present help in the times of need. When you are yearning for Help, Is Jesus the first one to turn to? Handle on your shoulder, shoulder is picture of burdan, have you seen God's words are a burden? studying bible as duty? it should be the other way round, the word will lift you up and support you! The Lord really really love you deeply my sister..(sorry really long post..)