Friday, August 26, 2005


Ok...Now, May over at has tagged me. I must write 5 random things about here goes nothing:

1. I love cats! I have one, named Tinker Belle and she's the smartest cat! She knows how to get out the front door, and will do so...that means we need to keep it locked at all times.

2. I am entering my 4th and final year for my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Looking forward to it, but also nervous. I will be applying (in January) for the Bachelor's of Education to become an elementary school teacher.

3. I just came from seeing "The Brothers Grimm" movie that was released today. I really had no idea what to expect, that is if it was a biographical sort of movie or what. It's not but weaves some of their tales into the plot...wasn't too bad.

4. My best friend's name is Kristina and I am so glad that the Lord put her in my life. I got to know her about the time we both started University in 2002. She is an awesome sister in Christ!!

5. My favourite colour is purple...doesn't matter the shade it is, I enjoy it...just ask anyone who knows me!

Jess over at it is now YOUR turn, you have been tagged!


Joe said... we know more about you than we could have imagined! Thanks for the insights!

MaY said...

SORRY SHELLEY! :-D (for tagging you that is...hehehe)

Nettie said...

That was quite fun, my favorite colors are blue and pink, put htem together and you get...purple!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

At least you only got tagged with five questions!!! lol!!

Interesting info though!!

Shelley said...

LOL...yes, I've seen some 'tag's where there are several questions to answer!