Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moon Flowers and Drawing

Today, my mom was telling me about this remarkable flower that she read about in the paper. This flower is called a Moon Flower. During the day, apparently this plant looks like it is dead and the leaves are all droopy...not a pretty sight. However, at night this plant perks up and the bloom(s) will open up. By morning, it is dead. The plant will bloom in this manner every couple of evenings. I told mom she should see if they can get some seeds or a plant or two for their garden.

I did a Google search on Moon Flower, and found out that it is a white flower (related to the morning glory) and it pollinated by moths, which are attratected to it's white colouring.

It reminded me once more of how amazing and creativeGod is, and that He is the one who created this unique flower to be the way that it is.

In other news, I received back confirmation today for my courses for this next school year. There was only once classed that I couldn't get into, due to it being filled already. That class was The Church in Scripture and Society. I don't mind thought. Advanced Hebrew is also a go (so I will have to brush up and review what I learned last year). I was able to get into the Fundamentals of Drawing class that I really want to take. I had signed up for it last year, but unfortunately the prof had had a heart attack a couple of weeks before school started. My only problem with taking the drawing course is that it is to be on Wednesday evenings from 6:45 to 9:30 (it's a one class a week deal).

Normally on Wednesday evenings I help out with the mid week kids program at church. I have been doing that for about 4 years now. I emailed the head leader of the program (will talk to her in person on Sunday) to let her know my predicament. I know she'll understand, but I feel really bad because they are having a hard time finding leaders for the program (please pray for this). I told her that I would still be able to help from January til the end (in April or May). I also said that if the class was cancelled for whatever reason I would still help out. I also feel that I need a little break from this, and this might be the opportunity for it.

I have the book and accessory package from last year, so I won't have to buy it again. This is something I've wanted to do for so long. Actually, I had bought the book that is used (Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain) a few years ago when I was taking painting lessons. The man that was teaching me painting had recommened it to me so that I could learn to draw, which would help with my painting (usually in many cases you need to sketch something first before painting it). Now, I could try it on my own but I need the accountablility and responsibility of a classroom setting for something like this...especially to make sure I'm doing things right. I'm not a naturally gifted artsy sort of person. I like it and would love to be an artist, but I need lessons for it.

I also figure it might help me since I want to be a teacher (and felt the Lord calling me to do this), and if I have to teach art (elementary school), I thought at least knowing how to draw would be a benefit for that as well. I know the education students take a class on teaching art to the kids, so this could play into that.

Well, this will be all for now. Don't want to bore everyone to tears!


pia said...

our neighbor used to have a plant like that. i'm just not sure if it's a moon flower but it's so beautiful.

thanks for the comment.

God bless!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Okay, first I want to know how your professor was after the heart attack and now I have to go look up that moon flower, that is so awesome, God is amazing, isn't He???

Joe said...

Hebrew!? Wow! It won't be long and you'll be smarter than I. lol

Good post! It is good to hear from those studying their hearts out for the Lord.

Check out the "Diary of an Insanity Farmer" link on my blog. Parker's a student, and a pretty bright one at that.

btw: If you did not already know, you can get rid of your dashboard. Click on "View Post" then the comments and then the little trash can at the end of his comment.

Shelley said...

Live, Love, Laugh: The prof that had the heart attack, I believe, is doing much better.

Joe, thanks for reminding me how to delete comments. I have done it a couple of times before, but can never remember how to do it. I'm just signing on now so wasn't aware it was there...I really hate when they do that!

Also, I'll check out the blog you recommend!

Nettie said...

OK, another comment that has nothing to do with the post...I love your clock and I think it's really cool that you're an hour ahead of me. Most people are either five-plus ahead or two behind. I feel so special now.

MaY said...

We once had a flower something similar to the Moon flower. It only blooms once a month...yes..its leaves are also droopy and they are pretty ugly in daytime..but once the flowers can smell its fragrance from meters away. It's also white and its a huge carnation-look-alike flower. I dont know what its called though.

"Truly, God is amazing!"

Suzii said...

My mother in law has flowers like that. She calls them Evening Primrose. She has them timed even... around 9:30pm they bloom... and in the morning the blooms are dead. God is so creative... and we are created in his image! We are all blessed to be his children.

You are truly an awesome person to learn all that you have... and are going to. Your studies sound very interesting.

You could never bore me at all! I enjoy your writing.

vgarr said...

Hi Shelley! Thanks for your comments. I'm also going to google moon flowers. Ohhhhhhhh they sound so pretty.

Advanced Hebrew huh? Yikes! I tok Greek in high school and then again in college...forgotten all I've learned..almost. I can still pretty much start John 1 in Greek, and remember some of the meanings of some words. Good for you!

Have a super day. I'm going to add your blog to the links on my site and "visit" you much more often!

BHGA said...


thank you for visiting my blog...truly enjoyed your post...i am going to look up the flower sounds like evening primrose...but I'm not sure they are that the way, you are not boring and I will be back !!


Lucy Stern said...

The Lord has a way of putting us into things that he wants us to do. You have helped out with the children on Wednesday night for four years now. You've probably done a good job but it is probably time to give that blessing to someone else. It's your time for art. Take it and enjoy it.
the moon flower sounds beautiful. Do you have to go out in the yard with a flash light to see it?