Friday, August 05, 2005

He Knows Who We Are

I just read another story on the CBC website about tho girls who were involved in an accident. One girl died at the scened, while the other was in a coma. The police told the parents of one girl that their daughter had died. The other set of parents sat by the bedside for three days. Turns out that there was a mix up. The parents who were told their daughter had died were really the parents of the girl in the coma, and the parents sitting by the girl in the hospital were the parents of the dead girl. See story at:

The faces of both girls were pretty smashed up so they could not tell who was who. Can you imagine being the parents of the girl who was killed? I mean, sitting in a hospital next to someone you thought was your daughter, probably worried and maybe even praying wondering when she would come to. Then you are told she is not your daughter, but your daughter was the one killed. How horrible that would be!

No matter what happens to us, our Father in heaven knows us. It does not matter what happens to us - if we are disfigured, change our hair colouring, get plastic surgery to look like the popular beautiful model on the cover of the magazines - it doesn't matter, because He knows us.

God made each of us in His image. He created us to look exactly as we do. This is nothing to be ashamed about for we are beautiful in His eyes, and we are the workmanship of the Master Crafter. Rest assured that He does NOT make any junk - NEVER! God does not look on our outward appearances, though the world may do so. God looks to the inner person, to each individual heart. This is how He judges us and will judge us.

So, while it is simply awful what the families of those two girls have gone through, we can rejoice that there is no way that we will be mistaken for someone else in God's eyes. He knows every inch of you, and of me.

God bless and have a Christ filled day!


Joe said...

Great comforting thoughts. Thanks

MaY said...

It's always nice to be assured of this. We are afterall PERFECT in
God's eyes. *Smiles*

I just love reading your blogs! Reminds me of things I usually neglect in my life.

cybeRanger said...

Enjoy reading such an inspiring posting! Be blessed abundantly in Christ!

Suzii said...

What amazes me is that he knew us before we were created... and he knew all of our days before the first one came into existence.... and he still loved us enough to make us exactly how we are!

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I had not read about this, how terrible the grief of both of the parents. God is the mender of broken hearts, I will have to lift them up in prayer. I have been praying for Natalee Holloway everyday since she has come up missing in Aruba. God knows where she is, I am praying He will reveal it to her mother soon.

Have a wonderful day

ShepherdKing said...

Such a comfort to know that He 'knows' each and everyone of us. God bless!