Saturday, August 13, 2005

Prayer Requests

I thought I would post some general prayer requests of people and/or situations that could use our prayers.

  1. Two separate families in my city have each lost a daughter (one was 21, the other 25) in separate car accidents. Please pray for these families during this rough time. The accident in which the 25 year old was killed also had the driver of that vehicle rushed to hospital, but he has non life threatening injuries.
  2. The country of Niger is in desperate need of food, especially for over 800,000 children under the age of five.
  3. Please remember to be in continual prayer for our pastors. Pray that they will have the boldness to speak the words that God has given them, pray that they will preach the Truth, pray for protection for them and their families, and for their marriages.
  4. Pray for the leaders of our countries. Pray that the Lord will place good, strong Christians in the various government offices to help guide and lead our countries.
  5. Please pray for May and her husband at
  6. Please pray for Hannah at (her post from August 5) that she will have clairty to know what she should do when she graduates from high school this year. Pray that the Lord will guide her and that she will seek His wisdom in what she should do.
  7. Please pray for Suzii at for her health, and that she will be back to work full time by next month. She has requested heavy duty prayers for this.
  8. Please pray for Mark (at and Dave as they work out all the details for their upcoming ministry to the people of Seattle. They would like praye for wisdom and humility in this.
  9. Please pray for me, that I will grow more in my relationship and walk with Jesus. Pray that I will be more obedient, and that I will spend more time with Him than I have been lately.

I hope all mentioned here do not mind that I have posted prayer requests for them. Of course there are many more who need our prayers, these are just a few that I have come across. We are told in the Bible to share one anothers burdens, and a great way to share in this is to pray. By putting our focus on our brothers and sisters, as well as others who need prayer, we take the focus off us and our problems and that helps illiminate selfishness and selfcenteredness (because the focus is not on us). May God greatly bless you for sharing in the burdens of others.


Heather said...

Please contact me regarding your free design at

I also will be praying for your those you have mentioned!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Joe said...

We will be praying with you.

Thanks for the requests.

MarkMichael said...

Shelley, your humility humbles me. Am I incorrect in saying that you even went to the trouble of making your prayer requests in a smaller font than the others? As I read on your blog about your desire to serve yet not be commended for your work, your noble character truly shines through. Some day, you will be a crown of gold for your husband. "A wife of Noble Character is her husband's crown." Proverbs 12:4

Have a great weekend and keep running the good race!

Jess411 said...

You got it Shelley!

Oh..btw..I found that story. Will get to work retyping it and get it emailed. Or I'll turn it into a series on my blog.

Grace, mercy and peace,


Suzii said...

I will pray for you. You are such a sweet and caring person! I can feel how much you love God and how much He loves you. Bring your prayer requests up bold! Your requests are just as important as everyone elses. For years I never prayed for myself or asked for myself. I always felt that everyone elses needs were more important than mine. The first time I did pray for my own needs I came across this verse.."But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you."(Matt. 6:6) It was only then that I realized that my needs were important not only to me... but to God! And God and I had a great time together in prayer that day. I will pray that you will have some good quality time with Jesus every day. He is such a great friend to have!! I will also pray for the others... and thank you for who you are in Christ to remember to uplift others in prayer.

Suzii said...


I have a prayer request. I would like to email it to you. Email me at and I will return one to you explaining the request. (If you want)

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I will be back to write down all these prayer requests, and I will pray for each of them, let us know when God moves His hand and answers them!

Donovan Malick said...

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