Monday, January 23, 2006

Voting Day (Updated)

Today is voting day here in Canada. We are in the midst of electing our Prime Minister. The race seems to always be between the liberal party and the conservative party. There are a couple of other parties (The NDP or New Deomcrate Party and the Green Party, not sure if there are others as well or not and quite honestly I don't really care because politics does not interest me). So, in a few short hours, or at least I think in a few short hours, we will either have Paul Martin (Liberal) re-elected as our Prime Minister, or Stephen Harper (Conservative) as the new PM.

I am refraining from saying which party I support or don't support, because quite frankly I don't think it really matters to anyone, nor does it make any difference to anyone or anything who I voted for.

And that reminds me. My friend K is a good patriotic Canadian girl (Yeah K!), not that I am not mind you, but she is vocal about pledging her love of the country and I am not - though I will be vocal about it now and say that I do love my country!! Anyway, she asked me today if I was going to vote. I told her that I would not because one doofus in office is just as bad as the next doofus. She gasped at me and nearly fainted...ok that is exagerated, she just gasped. Anyway, she made mention of the fact that whichever doofus (quoting me) gets in will do so because God allows it (like it says in the Bible) and we are supposed to pray about this. I told her that I have been praying some (I admit that it is only some times and not nearly as often as I should have) about the election for PM. Anyway, I think she was a little flabergasted at my response with regard to the whole voting thing.

Anyway, I was a good girl and went to vote. That's right K, I voted! Man, was it fun goading you about this...hehehe. Should have seen the look on your face when I said the whole 'doofus' thing...classic! Don't think I've seen you that shocked...ever! Anyway, I just wanted to publicly (if this is considered publicly) tell you that I did vote. Not saying which party I voted for (see reason above), but rest assured I did vote so now I will have the right to complain no matter which doofus gets in...ROFL!!!

**Updated to add: The votes are in...Stephen Harper, Conservative, won the election in a minority government.


Joe said...

I'm glad you voted.

I believe participation in one's country's process is important.

Otherwise, why not just settle for some dictatorial despot?

Jezreel said...

The way I see it, if you don't vote, you don't get to complain if the government turns out to be crap.

I, on the other hand, am EXTREMELY happy that Stephen Harper is in. In fact, I almost cried. I've been praying for a conservative government (I love our conservative MP in our area - Vic Toews, you rock!) and I am so thankful that we have one.

Jennifer said...

Good for you Shelley! I'm glad you're a proud Canadian.

green said...

I was going to say the first thing that jezzy said. Good for you that you voted.....

What's my Mission said...

Hey Shelley:
Consider me "publically" informed as to your decision to vote and all I can say is WOOHOO!!! I hear by grant you the right to complain about our government. Ah, isn't democracy wonderful.

Hey Jezzy:
Not so thrilled about the Conservatives being elected but I am glad to see a change happening in Ottawa... It shows that contrary to popular belief, Canadians do care what happens in parliment and if you make bad choices, you will be held accountable. Now if they could all just try and get along, maybe Canadians could avoid another election in 2 years or less! ;-)

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm glad you voted. Now you have the right to complain if you so choose. I don't know anything about Canadian politic (sorry)! Is this guy any good?

I'm also glad that you're proud to be Canadian...way to go!

Maggie Ann said...

Hurray for the Conservatives!!!