Friday, January 27, 2006


I'm beginning to feel blah. I feel a cold coming on and my throat has been a little 'raw' for the last couple of days. I'm doing what I can to try and ward it off and hope it doesn't last long, but none the less I think it is starting to kick in. That is, at least once the cold pills wear off...

School is going fine so far. I had a mini paper (5 pages) and an essay that was to take the place of a test, both due on Thursday, both for my World View class. Both reports also involved the movie "The Truman Show". I really don't feel I did them right or focused on what I was supposed to, but I did them, and now it is just a matter of time before getting them back and seeing the results. I did pray before working on them, as well as during the writing, so God was in the picture. I am really trying not to worry about this class with all the reading and mini papers we have to do, plus the major paper and a presentation on it. I am praying about it, but still there is that little voice in the back of my head trying to get me to stress out and worry over it. I can say that I won't worry and stress over it, but I might. So, I will just continue to pray and ask the Lord for His help through it and do my best.

My 2 Samuel class is going good. Lots of good discussion. The prof usually asks someone to pray before class (sometimes he does it), and on Wednesday he got me to pray. At the end of class he thanked me again for praying and said that whenever I pray we seem to have a really good discussion. Then he told me I was a good servant. Well, I take no credit for any of the conversation because I think it is the Lord who is working in that. I prayed for us to have open minds, to help us to learn and grow from His Word...things like that. Anyway, the compliment felt good.

My third class in Communication Disorders is also going good. It seems like the topic is interesting, though the class itself can be a little slow...mainly because it is lecture with some questions by the students thrown in. The prof is great, explains things well, willing to answer any and every question raised by the lecture, and he is also a speech-language pathologist by day, so he definately knows his stuff. He also goes to my church and is a great person in general. And no, I doubt he'll see this so I'm not saying it to get brownie points LOL! Our first test in that, I believe, is coming up in the not too distant future (Feb. 9 I think) and I there are a lot of notes so I am going to have to start studying soon for it, a little at a time, so that I can do well on the test.

So far this semester, after two full weeks, I haven't been or felt stressed out and that's great. Though with the World View papers, I was more frustrated than stressed. However, I think part of the reason for this is that I'm only part time this semester, with only 3 courses instead of my normal 5. That can cut down on the stress. I figure that it is probably good that I am only in 3 since I'm taking World View. With so much work for that class, if I were in 5 courses I would be more stressed out no doubt.

Anyway, I praise the Lord that I've not been stressed. I thank the Lord for helping me with school (as I believe He is doing). I praise Him because He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and because He most definately deserves it!

I will leave with a couple of prayer requests: please pray regarding this cold I'm catching, that it doesn' t last long and that it doesn't drain me out, etc.

The second request is for this coming Sunday...there is a baptism at church, and I know of 1 man for sure getting baptised, and I think his girlfriend is as well. I'm not sure if there are others or not, but regardless, please pray for these people and that the Lord will work through this and that satan won't stop it (he tried to stop me from getting baptised and if you haven't heard the story I can tell it...not sure if I posted on it in the past or not)...anyway, please pray for this.

Have a Christ filled day!


mreddie said...

Having to do that much studying would freak me out - it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. :) But it sounds like you are handling it well though, in spite of the cold/throat thing. That is outstanding that your prof has prayer before class! Praise God for it! ec

Zoanna said...

Prayer is certainly the key. I think it was DL Moody who prayed an hour on "normal days" but two hours for the high stress days that he could foresee. You'll do fine, just remmember "one day at a time" and that God is sovereign over the "interruptions" such as colds.

Jennifer said...

I will most definitely be praying for your health, and for the baptisms. I haven't heard the story, so I'd love for you to tell it!

Joe said...

We will pray that you do not get the cold and that the baptisms are a real testimony.

Mustang Girl said...

I will keep you and the folks getting baptised in my prayers!

I am soo happy to hear that your semester is going well! Hang in there! :) Aren't you close to be done?

Shelley said...

Thanks all, I really appreciate the prayers...especiallky since I have developed a cold.

Mustang: yes, I am in my last semester of my BA, then it will be an additional 2 years for the education degree.

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Shelley, I'll definitely keep you in my prayers, along with those getting baptized.

I'm glad this semester is going well for you. I'll also keep your world views class in my prayers, too.

Shelly in OK

faraboverubies said...

here is the link to the "God's Virtuous Woman" study on my last post (I read your comment, and here it is, it's free!):

Thanks for all of the sweet comments that you leave on my blog! It's a blessing to know that people actually read it!
April (faraboverubies)

Jezreel said...

Shelley, you're a doll! Will definitely pray away that cold, and that stinkin' devil who would try to steal away the minds of Christian babies!

My sister-in-law has yet to be baptised herself, but she's planning on it once the weather gets warm here - hey, hows the weather over there? Is it as beautiful as it's been here?


Anonymous said...

Father, i ask you to heal shelley from this cold. help her recover fast. i also would like to lift up to you those people who are about to be baptized. i pray for your protection and guidance. no matter what satan is planning to do to stop this from happening, please don't allow him to. all these, i pray in Jesus' name, amen.

jae said...

I pray that your cold does not materialize and that the baptisms went well. I saw your post the other day and said a quick prayer. thanks for your encouranging comments.

Paul said...

Hi Shelley,

Just blogging by to catch up with everything and see how things are going.

Sure will be lifting you before the Lord for His healing touch and also to pray for your friend also.

I have been pretty behind in things but now I am catching up. I was under the weather for nearly a month.

Be blessed my friend,

Writing for the King,