Monday, January 02, 2006

A Little Blogging Help Needed (Updated)

Ok, as some of you may know from my profile, I now have a second blog in progress for my knitting and other crafts. I have been playing around with it and thought I had saved it to Word before I did anything, but apparently I did it after I added something.

You know that little banner at the top, the one where you can search or go to the next blog? Well it is appearing as a square in my top post and I don't know how to fix that. I was playing around with the sidebar and I think that is when it happened. My titles in the sidebar are also bigger than they had been and I don't know how to change it so they are smaller. Also, I added a couple of webring links but I think everything was ok when those were added...

So, I know some of you are really smart at this and thought maybe you could either take a look at the template page or let me know how to change the headings so they are a smaller font. I will play around with it a little more and see what I can come up with as well.


Ok, I have figured out what was causing the problem. I had put in a code for a web ring that I joined and even though it was just small on the sidebar (especially compared to other things like the pic of the weather pixie), it seems that it was throwing things off.

So, my quesion now is how can I fix that? Is there a way to do this, or should I contact whomever owns the web ring to see what can be done?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Shelley, I don't know how to help you with the blog but I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it. I'm going over right now. Happy New Year to you!

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm pretty good at html, but I'm not sure what you want to change on the sidebar. come by my blog or e-mail me and I'll try to help!

Joe said...

Sorry. I'm pretty good with programs, but an amature when it comes to html.

Stick with bonnie Calhoun. She can probably help you.

Jayleigh said...

I'm no good, but I'll be praying for you!


Also, fyi, your comments have been very encouraging to my sis and it makes me happy that someone out there thinks she's a good read.


Pia said...

i could probably help you with html codes but i'm not quite sure what you want to change. i'd love to help.

Mustang Girl said...

ooooohhh I can't wait to read your new knitting blog!! :D

I want to start knitting hats could ya give me some pointers?

Jennifer said...

Sorry, wish I could help!

Jezreel said...

If you want, I could give you a hand, but it looks like you've already got some offers up there from some pretty cool people.


Nabeel said...

I'm not sure what exactly you wanna change on the side bar. You gotta be specific .. what is a webring? which webring are you talking about .. screenshots would help where you can point out what part of the sidebar needs to be fixed.