Monday, September 05, 2005

Tomorrow Is The Big Day...Sorta!

Tomorrow is the first day back to university after the summer holidays. Well, actually it isn't the first day of classes, that starts on Wednesday. Tomorrow is when the real fun happens. It's registration day!!! I get to sit in an assembly, which thankfully isn't generally more than 1/2 an hour to hear the same things said in all assemblies of the past (talking about who the student council is, what certain people have specific jobs at the school such as who the person responsible for dorm life is...forget his/her title, but it doesn't affect me anyway since I live off campus and other things like well as reminding us about where to park and that you need a parking pass by a certain date, reminding us that we need to have all classes picked by a certain point and when the last day to drop classes is....all those wonderful things.

Next I get to proceed through the throng of people waiting in line (seems like you wait an hour, but depending on how many people are in front of you it can be 2 minutes or 20 minutes) to get a few sheets of paper telling me when my classes are and where, as well as a sheet to get marked off by heads of sections that we need to go to...such as if we are getting a locker, if we need to pay tuition, yearbook photo, and other weird and wacky things. This can also take a long time depending on how many people are in front of you.

Thankfully, I do not need to take a yearbook photo this year. I graduate, so I just need to worry about getting grad pics at some point later on. So, by a certain as of yet not specified time (which I'm sure I will be finding out over the next little while), I will have to get my grad photos taken. I don't like photos, unless they are of other people. Why? Because I don't like the way I look in pictures. Besides, I'm scared I will break the camera and I can't afford to replace it...

Tomorrow and/or the next day I will be purchasing my text books. That is going to put a serious dent in my student loan. I don't know yet how much things will cost, but I do know it will be a LOT. I am lucky though that I don't have to purchase my book and work kit thingy for my Fundamentals of Drawing class, because I bought them last year when I was going to take the course got cancelled because the prof had had a heart attack a couple weeks before school started. I have two history classes each semester, and from what I know, history text books are NOT cheap! Not sure if we will have a text for Advanced Hebrew or if we will just be reading and translating from the Bible (the Hebrew Bibles we got last year in Beginner's Hebrew).

I am kind of excited about going back to school. I have always been that get new books, new scribblers, new pencils and pens...everything is fresh and crisp! Then, after things get going for a couple of weeks, that excitement wears down and I start looking forward to the holidays.

This year I seem to be a little less excited and a lot more "nervous" because this is my fourth and final year for my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. There will be longer reports, more reading, extra student fees to pay...and much more. I think as well, the reality that "this is it" is sinking in. I will be getting my degree after four long and hard years, however, I will be applying for the Bachelor of Education as well to go on to become a really I will still have two more years of schooling to do...

But, tomorrow is the big day...the start of a new school year. Please pray for me about this as I want to do my best and glorify God, and not feel as stressed out as I usually get.


Jess411 said...

Man, I need to come to school with you. We can't get a parking spot, much less a locker.

I'd also LOVE to take Hebrew or Greek. Mostly Greek, but Hebrew'd be awesome too.



Bonnie said...

Thank you Shelly for your comment on my site. I did fixed up a bit.
God Bless You.

Paula said...

Lord be with sweet Shelley as she enters her graduate year. Bless her work and give her great teachers. I know the plans you have for her, plans to do great things in this world. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

I am so happy to hear you are headed back to school. If I could turn back the hands of time, I'd go to college. I'd want to be you ;) Have a blessed day!

Debrand said...

Congratulations! I've always remembered the smell on the first day back to school. It's just 'school'! My kids always carried the scent home too. Have a blessed year!

Jennifer said...

Well, congratulations on starting your last year! That is very exciting. Here's hoping you have a blast, and learn a lot, and that no profs have heart attacks.