Saturday, September 24, 2005


Well, I have been sneezing quite a bit off and on today, and my nose has been a little stuffed up now and then (as it is now), and runny at other times. Wonderful.

It seems that my allergies are acting what I don't know. I am allergic to scented products, dust, pollen and such things. I have a cat, but I don't know if I'm allergic to her or not and even if I was I would suffer and take my allergy pills. I have had allergies for quite a number of years now and I recall going to my doctor this one particular time regarding them. He would not allow me to go for tests to see what I was allergic to because he figured I wanted to get those shots that last a month or something like that. He said it wouldn't matter what I was allergic to because the shots would only work on two or three things at the most and if I were allergic to more things than that, I would still be affected.

I didn't care about the shots; I didn't want to get them. I just wanted to know what I was allergic to. The doctor said that "they" hardly ever send anyone for those allergy tests anymore anyway and just tell their patients to try experimenting with various things to see if that is what you are allergic to. For example, if one thought he or she was allergic to a specific food, that item should be eliminated from the diet for a short period of time to see if things improved.

When you are allergic to scents, it is hard to eliminate them. For example, I know that women's flowery strong perfumes, as well as musky sorts bother me. I don't wear them so I am ok; but I can't control what other women wear for perfume and whether or not they will be around me so I could end up getting stuffed up and start sneezing. If it is pollen that is the culprit, it is hard to lock ones self up in the house 24/7 and not ever go out or allow anyone to come in, open the windows, etc. so that one is not affected by the pollen. Anyway, I had to laugh at the "try eliminating products" suggestion. Yeah dude, I'll get right on that (insert rolling eyes smiley).

Like I said, that was quite a number of years ago. I still have never gone for allergy tests and I still don't know to this day exactly what I am allergic to. I mean, I do know some things, but for all I know there are other things that I don't know about. I take an allergy pill every day, and that does help. However, there are times that things will still bother me (such as sitting in class and having some girl come in 15 minutes late for class and sit beside me with her wearing a really strong stinky smelling perfume that was beginning to get to be long before class was over...but I couldn't do anything as there were no other seats to move to). There are also days that even though I have taken my allergy pill, it feels as though I haven't. This is one of those such days. I took one this morning, and have been bothered off and on today. However, it wasn't all that bad until a few hours ago when the sneezing really begain to pick up.

I am really hoping it is just my allergies, and that I am not coming down with a cold. It certainly doesn't feel like a cold (and I can generally tell when I am getting a cold or if it is allergies). I don't think there are any colds going around school just yet...but you never know. I do wash my hands a lot so that will be a help in keeping those nasty germs away.

Anyway, my nose is beginning to itch now (how annoying on top of the stuffiness, running, and sneezing). I may just take a cold pill (contact c) or something just in case, and pray that I am not getting sick. Hopefully my allergies just felt like getting a real work out today and they will settle down and behave tomorrow. I hate going to church with a stuffy, runny nose and sneezing no matter if it is a cold or allergies.

So in all of this can I be thankful? You bet! I am thankful for nice soft kleenex, allergy pills, and the fact that they don't bother me like this 24/7!!


Suzii said...

(so far I'm still online!!) I will sincerely pray for you to be free from these symptoms. I had these types of problems that you spoke of... for about 10 years or more. When we moved to the Oregon Coast for two and a half years... I had NOT ONE SINGLE SYMPTOM!! When we moved back to where we are now... within a few days it started all over again! Made me SO MAD! So... I started praying about it! I did not want to have to rely on allergy/cold/sinus relief pills every six hours of my life! I started believing, (and actually telling myself *before I felt the relief*)... that Jesus healed me... and I stood on the following verses for my belief: "Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed." Isaiah 53:4&5

Now I know that alot of these verses probably pertain to the healing of the soul by salvation... but... Jesus healed the infirmities of many in the bible... so I was believing in some of that healing for myself.

Know what, Shelley? I have not bought a box of allergy/cold/sinus relief stuff for many many months! I am giving God all praise and glory for that! By his wounds... I WAS HEALED!

After I experienced relief from all of those horrible symptoms... I saw an interesting show on National Geographic Channel. It was about Old Salt Mines. In some country (which I cannot remember) they had a huge cavern in an old salt mine converted into a "medical/motel" type place. People with upper respiratory problems would go there for a two week stay.. and the salty air would clear up their symptoms! So... bein' the smart feller that I am... I put two and two together! No wonder I felt better on the Coast! ****But I was still healed!! Anyways... to make a long story short... I am a firm believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and his healing abilities... and I will tell the world about it if need be!... (a two dollar bottle of saline nasal spray, used occasionally, seems to be good too) I used the saline to "wean" me off of my allergy pills. I use the word "wean" not as if I was addicted to them, because I wasn't.

The day I realized that "Oh my gosh! I can breathe through my nose!!" was the day I started praising the Lord for victory over my "allergies" (that no doctor could "pin point")

I will pray for YOUR VICTORY as well! Why not just be healed from it! Jesus is still alive and active! Take that healing for yourself!!!


Shelley said...

Suzii, what a wonderful idea! You know, I had never thought of asking for healing from allergies. I guess I just figured it was something I'd have to put up with. I live on the Atlantic coast, about 20 mins from the nearest beach and the air there is saltly as well...though our air isn't that I am aware of, because we are 20 minutes inland.

I would love the prayers for healing from these allergies. I also need to believe that Jesus will heal me of them as well, and stand on those verses you mentioned. I would really love to be healed of my allergies...and of course blessing would go to Him. People that know me know about my allergies, and it would be great to be able to say to them (and others) that Jesus healed me of them!

M. C. Pearson said...

Hi, caught your name from Bonnie's blog. I'm so sorry about your allergies...I have them too but can only take benydryl (spelling?) because of my blood pressure. It does help though, even if it tires me out. Don't pray too hard about getting tested. When I was a cottage parent I had to take one of my teen aged girls to that test. They did so many rows of needles with test stuff in them that I can't remember. There she was crying, lying on her stomach and all I could do was pray and stroke her hair. She had to wait a half-hour to see what swelled up into welts. Some were like misquito bites, some the size of dimes, but about four blew up into quarter sized welts...then she broke out in hives. It was bad. Aaand the worse thing was that she ended up having to use the same medicine that she was already taking. I'd go with suzii's advice and pray for healing.

Jayleigh said...

I so feel for you, sister. My hubby and I both have allergies. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. We're allergic to all of them, and we thank God for vacuum cleaners and laundry to wash sheets and blankets when we've let the kitties in our room for a moment. :-)

I'm praying for you to be delivered from these allergies!

Nettie said...

Awww, I am so sorry you are suffering! It may or may not help you to know what exactly you are allergic to, as it's hard to avoid certain things, but you may be able to eliminate some if you know. Also, there are LOTS of options as far as medicines go besides allergy shots, so it's worth checking them out. There's no need to be in misery until you've at least exhausted the options. I have a lot of knowledge on that.

BHGA said...

I use all natural herbs and vitamins, so I am not much help in the meds department. But I will pray God's healing upon you...


Maggie Ann said...

Allergies are miserable things, I too hope you are feeling better. I took allergy shots for several years and I think they did help but what a way to get relief! I'm pretty much an indoor person and since we got ac things are much better..ahh, I do have a bottle of prescription ...bromfed...I keep handy.