Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gettin' Owly

One thing I noticed just recently on the porch of the neighbours who live directly behind us...they have started displaying one of those plastic or wooden owls. For the last number of years we have had bird feeders in our yard, though mainly on the back patio, to attract the birds. We were getting quite a few little ones such as gold finch and chickadees, as well as larger ones like blue jays. So, since I've noticed the neighbours fake owl (used to keep birds away), there haven't been as many around. We have also been in the process of building a new patio as the otherone was starting to fall apart. That may also have something to do with it because we had the bird feeders down for a few weeks.

However, we now have feeders up again but there have only been at the most a handfull of birds using them...and that isn't at once. Maybe it's because we have different feeders now and they were used to the other ones. The main one the finches and chickadees used was designed specifically for finches and they had to hang upside down to get the food out of little holes. The ones we have now are home made from 2L pop bottles with two of the sides cut out.

I have seen these fake owls around the city before, and they were mainly being used to scare away pigeons. However, you always see the birds around them. I think, or hope, that the birds come to realize after awhile that these owls don't move and they are actually quite safe.

It's a real shame to me that people would try to keep the birds away. I mean, sure they can make a mess with their...um....droppings but they are so pretty to watch. I love to hear them singing and watch them at the feeders...my little two year old nephew is fascinated with them as well. I do hope that if our neighbours keep that owl up, that the birds don't stop coming to our house. It will be a real shame.

Oh well, what's a person to do?


Joe said...

There is a real owl that perches on the microwave tower at the radio station at which I work. When he (she) is there, there are no other birds in the area.

I have seen fake owls used to keep varmits away.

Nettie said...

No, no, not the birds!....Sorry, bad memory.

Jennifer said...

I do hope your birds come back! We live in a wooded area with tons of birds...and squirrels...and possums...and racoons....and...

Bonnie Calhoun said...

The finches and chickadees head south for the winter, don't they...ours do in NY. Maybe it's just the normal Fall progression that they are leaving town for their winter home. I have seen owls take down those kind of birds in our area. Could you move the feeder to the other side of your house, that is away from the neighbor?

Lucy Stern said...

Try putting up one of the old feeders and see what happens.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

When I get off work at the PD, you can hear the birds chirping and singing, it sounds like hundreds of them. I always think they are praising the Lord, it is the sweetest sound. One thing for sure...they feel they have something to sing about because I have never heard anything quite like it!!

I do hope the owl doesn't scare all of the birds away, that would be a shame!!

Paul said...

Hi Shelley,

There are a lot birds in the area where I live of all kinds.

I do miss the hummingbirds, that I could see from my front porch in Texas.

Guess I will need to put up some humming bird feeders outside the window so as I set at the desk writing I can enjoy the view of them.

Be blessed,