Friday, September 23, 2005

Always Give Thanks

Well, I am having trouble with blogger block for some reason; trying to think of something really good and interesting or uplifting to post. So, since I can't think of what to write today will be another day to mention more thanks!

Five more things I am thankful for:

1. Socks. Sounds weird to be thankful for sock I know, but when your feet get cold let me tell ya one gets pretty thankful for warm socks! Today was rather cool and rainy and was really the first time since summer began that I have had to wear socks. My feet were cold; I was cold. Mind you I was not middle of winter -25 degrees celcius cold, but more like summer is over and fall is here and time to put on your socks cold. For some odd reason though, I am much warmer now (at 8:35pm) than I was earlier this afternoon so the socks have once again been removed. Makes me kind of sad to have to resort to wearing socks again, but I guess I can live with it.

2. Knitting and Crocheting. I am thankful that the Lord has given me both of these talents. I started out with crocheting quite a number of years ago (probably about 15) but it got put away for many many years. About 5 years ago I pulled it out and began to crochet baby afghans to donate to the local crisis pregnancy center or whomever. I had prayed and asked the Lord how I could use this talent/gift for Him and that is what He told me to do; so I obeyed.

I remember knitting when I was probably 8 or 9, but it was nothing elaborate - just a simple square in order to earn a knitting badge at brownies or girl guides (I think girl guides is something like girl scouts in the States). I couldn't even cast on or off so my mom showed me how to do that. Fast forward to December 2000 when I was at church and saw the mitten tree. I had the strongest desire to learn to knit so that I could make mittens for the tree. Over the next 9-12 months I started out on the path to learning/relearning how to knit. Now I make (when I have the time) scarves, baby items, sweaters for my nephew, attempt to make a couple of sweaters for myself...with crocheting I pretty much only make baby afghans.

3. Hearing. Our hearing is a very important sense to have, and I am thankful that I can hear things like the birds singing, my nephew laughing and learning to talk. I am thankful that I can hear others talking so that I can respond (or not as the case may be). I am thankful that I do not need to use a hearing aid. I am thankful that I can hear people singing praise and worship to our Lord, even those who can't carry a tune. I read a story once in which the person was complaining about various things about the people around him/her in church and it mentioned some woman who sat in back of him/her and couldn't carry a tune when she sang. She sang very very loud. The story went on to say that one should be thankful that they could hear it because there were so many people in the world who can't. Yes, I am most definately thankful that I can hear.

4. Reading. I love to read and have for a long long time now. Though now I mostly read text books and required reading for my classes, I wouldn't get very far if I couldn't do that. I also enjoy sitting down and just reading for the fun of it. I am greatful for those who help others (whether it be children or adults) learn to read. We can't go anywhere really without reading...words are everywhere! If I couldn't read I wouldn't be able to enjoy all the blogs I read, and Lord knows I do enjoy them! Our world is plastered everywhere with signs - traffic signs, directional signs, names of stores, street names...words are everywhere! Reading is important to me, and I always enjoy seeing a small child having his or her mom or dad reading a book to their child(ren); and I enjoy seeing children learning to read themselves. Reading...can't get by without it.

5. Indoor plumbing (toilets). Yes, you read that correctly. I enjoy indoor plumbing/toilets and I am very thankful for that. I am thankful that in this day and age (unless you own a camp with no electricity or plumbing) we do not have to trek outside a small or great distance to some stinky smelly old "water closet" with a moon on the door, especially in the middle of the night or when the wind is howling and the snow is blowing and you have to wade out in waist high snow drifts to get relief...I am thankful as well for the invention of soft toilet paper and the fact that we don't have to use leaves or pages out of old catalogues... 'nuff said on that I think...but none the less, praise the Lord for the person/people who invented indoor plumbing!

And, again I ask...what are you thankful for?


Sugar said...

Nice blog you have! Would you share how you became a born again christian?

Jennifer said...

Amen! I am thankful for all those things, too. Well, except for knitting and crocheting. I don't know how to do either. I grew up very poor and believe it or not, socks were indeed a luxury. We counted ourselves very lucky indeed when we got new socks. I am thankful for that experience, because otherwise I might take them for granted. Thank you for sharing your thankfulness!

Shelley said...

Jennifer, I encourage you to try knitting and/or crocheting as they are very enjoyable. I find them very relaxing, unless of course I have a pattern that is too complicated...therefore I tend to stick to the easier patterns.

Sugar, thank you for your request. I was actually thinking of maybe sharing my testimony on here some time. I will do so as I believe testimonies are very important.

Saija said...

good reminder that we take things for granted so easily ... we just need to "see" the blessings all around us ...

my cup definitely runneth over ...

i'm thankful for blogging buds!

ukok said...

I don't knit or do crochet but I'm sure glad that other people can do those things so that I might have nice warm clothes in winter.

God Bless.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

I am thankful first of all for Jesus, where would I be without Him???? I don't even like to think about the answer to that question.

I am thankful for my husband and family, for my christian friends and my blog friends.

I am thankful that I can see, walk and talk, as well as take care of myself.

I am thankful for my home, for electricity, running water, propane, food to eat, my toothbrush, deodorant, and a hairbrush.

I could go on and on, you got me really thinking on this one Shelly, wow I am so blessed.

Libby said...

I am definitely grateful that I can hear and I am cognitively intact. I work with children who have severe disabilities--including hearing loss and mental retardation. I thank the Lord daily that he had blessed me mentally that I may bless my wonderful little kids!

Danielle said...

Hi, I found your blog through "Everything But The . . ." and "A Penchant for Pens." I'm thankful right now especially for a house, because the Lord miraculously has provided for us more than we could have asked and we're moving next week! I'm so thankful for our new home.

Zoanna said...

I'm thankful that you took time to write your thanks. My top 5 things today to be thankful for are:

-cars, regardless the price of gas (I love to drive)
-sewing machine (Love to complete projects once in awhile. I don't like to hand sew, knit, or crochet...all my attempts to crochet simple hot pad holders ended up looking like Christmas trees.)
-a good bra (Just found out it should pass the pencil test)
-an intact pelvis (which ripped apart 3 years ago)
-a washing machine (even though I have a strange affinity for laundromats, it's great to have a machine of my own in a family of 6 where 21 loads a week is the norm).