Monday, March 09, 2009

It's such a beautiful day today! I'm not sure of the temperature, but I think it's around +5C and the snow is melting. There's a lot of snow still, so I think it will take awhile for it to melt. It would be a really nice day to go out and do some photography, but I have class at 6:30 and need to finish an assignment that's due today.

Our sermon at church yesterday was really good. Basically, it was on the importance of prayer - that it is the foundation of every relationship we have, be it with parents, a spouse, a teacher, a get the idea. In other words, prayer brings Jesus into our relationships because when we are praying and working on our relationship with Jesus, it spills over into our other relationships. I forget exactly how the pastor phrased all of this, but this is, I think, pretty much what it boiled down to.
I am coming to the realization that I have been very neglectful in my walk with the Lord - I have been putting people and things ahead of Him, and that is wrong. In fact, it's a sin. I have created idols out of these things and have given them more importance than the Lord. I have been sitting back and not spending the time I need with my Saviour, and I know that saddens Him. It saddens me too, because I never wanted to do that - it just seemed to happen, and I let it.
Oh Lord, forgive me for giving people and things more importance in my life
than You. Forgive me for my sin, my idolatry. Help me to elevate You
up where You belong and seek Your guidance, Your love - You, ahead of everything
else. Lord, I ask that you work in my relationships and help me to place
you in the middle of all of them. In Jesus name, Amen.
Well, I must head off and finish the rest of my assignment for my class tonight. Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!