Thursday, January 09, 2014

The 9th Day

So today marks the 9th day of the My 500 Words challenge.  So far it hasnt been too bad, and Ive been able to get over 500 words each day.  Today it seems a little more difficult.  Part of it is not knowing what to write (though I suppose I could look at some of the prompts and ideas Ive written down), and part of it is that Im finding it difficult to write when I get up in the morning (after Ive gotten ready for work), and when I get home from work Im tired.  So, I end up putting it off until later in the evening (much like Im doing now) and feel like I have to push myself to write something.

On the positive side, this little challenge is helping to develop discipline in writing.  I havent been focusing so much on the novel or any story, but Ive been writing on my blogs.  And even though it might not be quality stuff, I am writing.
 Mostly my posts have been written on the fly, without much thought as to what Id write.  I think that is because Im quite tired by that time and Im just doing the assignment to get it completed.  I hope that when I have more time (like on the weekends), I can sit down and write a better quality post, or add to my novel or short stories.

Maybe what I could do this coming weekend, is take the writing prompts Ive got and outline what I could say about each topic (or take a couple of them at a time and do this), or jot a few ideas downs to remind myself of what I could include.  Then I might have some direction, and could write a better quality post, rather than rambling on.

I think right now with this challenge, Im just trying to focus on the discipline and getting in the habit of writing each day.  Once this habit forms (or after the challenge, even weaning it down to once every other day until I have more time to be able to write each day – like on holidays and vacations from teaching), then I could focus on doing more research for topics, more editing, or more significant passages.

I just hope its this is not a case of Im doing this because Ive been issued a challenge and I dont want to fail at it, and then give up for whatever reason and not write for large chunks of time.  Otherwise, Ill never get anything written – well, except for some blog posts.

Well, it looks like Im going to finish todays quota, thought it certainly wont be nearly as long as any of the previous posts (or at least the majority of them).  Ive only got another couple of sentences to write and then I can call it a night.  Hopefully, since tomorrow is Friday, and providing I take a little nap in the early evening to take the edge off, I can get more writing done (or at least create a few blog posts that I can schedule for later dates).

For the first week back to work after Christmas vacation, its seemed long and tiring. Im looking forward to hopefully sleeping in on the weekend, but for now, I need to get to bed so I can try and get rested for tomorrow, otherwise Ill need an IV of coffee!