Friday, January 10, 2014

Feeling Homesick

Lately Ive been feeling like Id like to move back home, and often feel the homesickness erupt when I get this way.  In fact, Im kind of feeling that way tonight.  I wonder how long it takes for homesickness to go away after you move elsewhere.

Its only been nearly two and a half years since I moved out here to British Columbia, but I often find myself desiring to go back home because I feel homesick.  That could be for a number of reasons – anything from not having a car, or access to a car, and not being able to get around and come and go as I please (I have to depend on others if I want to go somewhere else, like shopping or visiting someone who doesnt live near my location. The bus system here also isnt the best, and while I might be able to get places in the evening – providing I leave after supper – the buses stop around six or seven oclock, so I wouldnt be able to get home), to feeling alone – and lonely.

In 2007, I moved to South Korea to teach, and lived there for a year.  There were times when I felt homesick, particularly after finding out my father had cancer – and especially when I found out he was getting worse.  I also find that when I end up in a situation where I feel sad, upset, angry, etc. I often feel like I want to be back home – not that doing that would solve any problems, or that I wouldnt have any bad times there, because I would.

I think part of my homesickness came from the fact that I was so far away from my home and my family, and I couldnt just hop a bus or take a taxi, or even rent a car to go and visit them.  It also could have been caused by being in a different culture and not having access to foods/brands, English TV shows, etc., that I am used to from living in North America.

In 2009, I went to Australia for two months (doing my teaching practicum) and I really enjoyed it there. Actually, I loved it there and I didnt feel homesick, but that might have been just because I knew Id only be there for two months and then be heading home again.  When I did come home, I found that I felt homesick for Melbourne and could picture myself actually living there.  Even now, five years later, I find there are times when I feel homesick for that area.  It seems weird that I would feel that way for a place I only visited for two months, but Melbourne must have had a hold on me or something.  Someday Id like to get back there again.

I really dont like feeling homesick, but then does anybody?  I find it difficult, when I feel this way, to get out of the slump it puts me in.  Ive had nights where I would wake up and while Im still half asleep and my eyes are closed, have such a strong feeling that I was back home in my bed there.  It even seemed that when Id open my eyes, Id see my room the way it is set up back home. 

When Id open my eyes and see that I wasnt there, but I was in my room here, Id give my head a shake and feel a little stupid, but it seemed so real.  And then Id want to go back home again.  Ive mostly had that feeling after being home during the summer.  At any rate, Id start to feel little bits of homesickness creep up at those times.  Thankfully, though, the homesickness doesnt usually last for more than a day or two at a time.

Have you ever moved away, across the country or to a different country or continent, and felt homesick? How did/do you deal with it?