Monday, January 06, 2014

Rise and Shine!

Today is the first day back to work after a two week Christmas Break.  I had been dreading getting up at 5:30, but I knew it must be done.  And I had to be sure not to hit the snooze button for half an hour.  I honestly dont feel tired at the moment (its now nearly 7:00), but I know that will change as the day goes on. 

And since today is Monday, I wont be getting home until around 5:00 p.m. because I have drama practise after school and I have to wait around until one of the students gets picked up (the child is in my class, and her mom made special arrangements).  I dont mind staying, but there are times when I really dont want to stay that late.  Also, on Monday evenings, I have one of the Bible studies that I go to (I only go to two of them), which I am enjoying.  I wont have a chance to even think about taking a nap when I get home.  Ill probably have to go to bed early tonight, but I wont even think about that right now.

Im kind of looking forward to getting back into my routine and going to work.  While I always enjoy days off, vacations, and holidays, there are times I want to get back to work – simply to get back into my routine.
I am supposed to have one less student now, as one little boy informed us, on the last day before Christmas vacation, that his mom wants to home school him and his sister.  Well see how it goes.  I dont think she realises all that is involved in teaching/home schooling, and she was always talking about how busy they were.  The only thing that it will probably save her, is travelling (they live outside of town).  She could surprise everyone and do a great job with home schooling, but it wouldnt surprise me if the kids end up coming back to the school – even if it isnt until next fall.  And, now that her son wont be in my class, Ill have to find someone else to help with Bible memory, as she would come in to test the kids for me (it was a big help).  Hopefully there is someone else willing to step up to the plate.

Ive also got a few things that I want to try this term, such as a novel study with my language arts students (I have eight ESL kids who have a separate language arts class with another teacher, so they arent in my class). I dont know if they can handle this, but well see.  I hope it works out well and doesnt end up causing me grief.  Ive already warned them that the second half of the year is going to be more difficult and more will be required of them.  It will probably be difficult for the first little while with them testing to see if they can get away with less effort, etc.  So, I will definitely be needing prayer for a little while!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, and if this is also your first day back to work after a long break, I pray that you have a great one!