Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pushing Through Sickness

My BFF gets annoyed when people mistakenly indicate they have the flu, but actually they have a stomach bug.  When you are vomiting and have diarrhea, you have a stomach bug.  When you have a fever, cough, cant breathe very well and ache all over, that is the flu.

I have the flu.

The night before last, I had a bit of a raw feeling in my throat. It didnt hurt, but I knew Id be getting a sore throat within a day or so, unless I was lucky and it didnt turn into anything worse.  By the next afternoon my throat hurt a little more, but it still wasnt bad.  I went to coffee with K, little K, and J after work, and I mentioned it to them.  We had a discussion about the flu and how its making its way around Alberta.  Thereve also been several cases of H1N1 in Alberta (as well as one case of H5N1 – the bird flu, and sadly, the lady who had that died).  K asked me if Id heard that and was now thinking I had that (H1N1). I said no, but another friend and I had talked about it in the morning as well and hoped I was only getting a cold.

Well, this morning I woke up with a cough (I sound like a smoker at times, but I dont smoke, and neither do any of my friends), a headache, and the chills.  I was up for about 45 minutes, did my Bible reading and devotions, and decided to go back to sleep. I feel exhausted even though Id had enough sleep.

When I woke up from that nap, I was sweating and hotter than I dont know what.  I think that might have been from having a warm housecoat and two blankets over me while I slept, and I had put the heat up to try and get warm.  I checked my temperature, and found that it was getting higher and higher.  So far today, the highest its been was 38.7C (which is 101.66F).  It seems to be going down now, though as I have taken some Buckleys Cough, Cold, and Flu pills.  Ive taken these twice now today, and will take more again in about an hour.  Hopefully these will help me feel better by tomorrow.

The last two days at work, Ive been alone in the class, and my one E.A. (the second one has been off work since before Christmas) was out both those days.  I wonder if this is what she had (I was never told the reason for her being out).

I talked to K about half an hour ago, and she said she now has a cough and fever as well. So, it sounds like she has what I have.  I would imagine we both got it from work (we both teach at the same school).  Hopefully, well both be over this before we have to go back to work on Monday!

I had hoped to get a lot of writing done today, but since Ive been sick and sleeping most of the day, that didnt happen.  I debated not doing anything for the My 500 Word Challenge, but since Im feeling a little better now, I thought Id see if I could get anything done up.  And this post is it!