Tuesday, August 21, 2007

T Minus 10 1/2 Hours

Well, it's down to the wire. In less than 12 hours I leave for Korea. My back is still hurting, so please be in prayer about that.

I think I'm all packed..."think" being the key word. I've got two bags to check, and hopefully they aren't over the 50 lb weight limit (or else I have to pay extra). I also have my laptop to take as a carry-on, plus one other bag. If it wasn't for taking my laptop, I could have taken another piece of luggage for carryon, and I might have gotten everything packed. I know there are things I couldn't get packed, and that disappoints me. I don't think I'll have them shipped to me because mailing things from here in Canada (at least from the east coast) to South Korea is EXPENSIVE! Alas, but my knitting items will have to come from Korea...though I did get a little bit of yarn packed and some double pointed needles to knit socks. Otherwise, I'll have to make a special trip to Seoul to get knitting things. Somehow, that doesn't disappoint me, LOL!

I still don't feel as though this is really happening. I still feel like I'm not scheduled to leave for a few more months. I had a little bout of fear/panic earlier this week, but that has passed. Maybe that's an answer to prayer. I'm not as excited as I thought I would be, but that just might be because I'm still feeling like I'm not all packed.

Please pray that the flight goes well, that Sarah, Lorie and I have all our necessary documents with us - that we don't forget them. Pray that everything goes well for us.

I'm off to bed now, and hope that I'll be able to sleep. The next time I'll write will probably be in Korea...unless I can get a connection on the plane for a little update!

Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!


David said...

wow! How exciting.
praying your mission is a great success.

BJ said...

I just thought of you so I decided to drop by.

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