Friday, August 24, 2007


Well, we made it safe and sound to Korea. We left my hometown and arrived in Toronto and had no problem finding our gate where we had to board our flight to Korea. After a roughly two hour wait, we left Toronto and arrived in Korea about 4:00 pm, Korean time.

We are staying in a dorm at a university where we have our orientation, and it took us about four or so hours to get here from the Inchon airport. We had to go through customs, get our luggage, get some money changed to Korean Won, and finally make our way to the counter of the organization we signed on with.

On Friday, we didn't have anything to do because orientation only started today. It's been extremely HOT and humid here and thankfully we have air conditioning in the dorm rooms. Sarah, Lorie and I didn't do much of anything because we were feeling the effects of jet lag, so we stuck around campus and ended up having a three hour nap which helped a little.

I've been suffering from back pain - muscle spasms it looks like to me. It's rather painful at times and I've been taking some muscle relaxers that help a little. Unfortunately I hadn't planned on it lasting this long (I had it a day or so before leaving for Korea) so I only brought a few. I've got 3 left. I spoke with some of the women who are coordinating the orientation and asked them if they could tell me where the nearest pharmacy is. They asked what I needed, so I told them I wanted something for the muscles in my lower back. They got one of their co-workers (she was on her way to the university we are at) to stop and pick up something for me. It is some kind of medicinal patch type thing that you peel off one side and stick it to the area you need the relief. This has helped quite a bit as I have longer periods of time when I'm not in pain (or very little). It doesn't help, though, that we are sitting a lot and that is when I get stiff and find it hard to move because of the stiffness and pain (it also happens after I wake up).

I've been praying about this, my back, and have got others praying too and I am trusting that God, the Great Physician and Healer, will take care of things. The pain is affecting me here, in that I feel frustrated at limitations I have and that I have to be slow. I just want this pain to go away - now!

Other than sticking around the campus the last two days, we haven't gotten out to explore the area. We're hoping to do this some evening before we leave to our schools. We don't find out where we are going until the end. This, I have found out, is because they have had problems in the past of people finding out where they are going and then for whatever reason tearing up their contracts and not honouring them.

I've only taken a couple of pictures, but not of anything really important or noteworthy. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the cable to hook up to my computer so I can download them so it will be a little while before I am able to share them. We also found out that it's going to take a little while before we can get internet hookup in our apartments...just the red tape that needs to be dealt with first. So until then, I'll probably have to use a computer at whatever school I am placed with. At the moment, I'm using one that is on my floor of the dorm.

That's all for now. Time is running out and our lunch break is almost over. We have to go back for more orientation this afternoon, and then this evening they are having a welcoming get together for us so I'm not sure if I'll have time to update later. I will try to update as often as I can.

So, until the next time I post, have a blessed and Christ-filled day!