Saturday, August 11, 2007

God Is Good

You know how God comes through on prayers, often times at the last possible minute? You pray and pray and then as the last of the sand slips through the hour glass, you begins to wonder if everything will work out or if you'll have to change your plans. Then, everything falls into place - God has answered your prayers!

Well, God has answered my prayers (and the prayers from others who've been praying for our situation)! Sarah, Lorie and I got our visas yesterday! We were also able to book our flights for Korea - the one we wanted with the departer and arrival times being half-decent and not at terrible hours (like leaving at 6:00 in the morning or arriving at 4:00 in the morning).

Because we were only tentatively reserved for the flight, we had to have payment into the travel counsellor by closing time yesterday. We could only actually get our flight once we had our visa (or at least knew that we were getting it and it was on its way to us). So, in order for us to confirm our flight and make sure we were on it was to get our visa yesterday at the latest (with enough time so we could get to the travel agency).

My dad had called me at work to let me know that the envelope from the Korean Consulate had arrived, so I got him to open it for me to see if the visa was in it. After figuring out that it was IN the passport, I got him to give me Lorie's phone number so I could let her know and to find out which travel agency she had booked us with. When I called her she said she was finally able to get through to the consulate (prior to that she couldn't get an actual human on the phone and the extention number she was given was wrong) and they told her we were getting our visas. I told her I already had mine and she should check her mail when it comes in. From there I got the travel agency info and got my mom and dad to go down and make the transaction complete for me since I was at work and I didn't have a definite time that we'd be finished (we are finished when the work is complete, even if we have only been there 6 hours. They are actually able to do a count and figure out an approximate end time). My parents were great and went down and took care of things for me and now all I have to wait for the departure date - and pack and spend time with family and friends.

Praise God for answered prayers!

Just wanted to post a little update on the visa/flight situation. I'll try to get something more about the preparations and whatenot posted as I get closer to my departure date. I'll probably be using this blog to talk about my experiences over in Korea and post some pictures here (and on Facebook as well). Unless I create a blog that is simply for my Korean adventures...I haven't figured that out yet...but I'll probably use this one.

Have a Christ-filled and blessed day!


Jayleigh said...

God is so good! Congratulations!!!

C. H. Green said...

Korea? I've been away too long....I'll have to check in more frequently. Good to see you.