Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Week Left

In roughly exactly one week (by roughly, I am meaning the time as it is 10:00am now and I leave at 10:05am) from this moment, I will be on the plane that will take me to Toronto where I will wait for an hour or two (can't recall the exact waiting time offhand), and then board the plane that will take me on to South Korea!

Lorie, Sarah, and I got together for a little while yesterday to talk. We haven't been able to do that in a long time. Usually it was only two of us at a time, or we'd send messages on Facebook or email between the three of us. This was because our schedules were never the same for all three of us to meet up at the same time. Anyway, yesterday we got together for coffee and just talked about what to expect, what we need to get before going over...that sort of thing. I think the next time we'll all be together will be when we get to the airport.

I have to pick up more little things to take - makeup, toiletries, maybe another pair of jeans or dress pants or a skirt. I also haven't started packing yet. I've started the thought process of what to take, but haven't actually started to pack. I'm afraid that if I start too early and get it all done, I will worry that I forgot to pack something and have to dig through everything to see if I packed it. I also don't want to wait too late to pack (like the night before) because then I'll get frustrated and wish I'd started earlier...and then might forget something. I think I'll start by making a list of what I need to take, and what I want and go from there. I need to pack for a year, but at the same time the luggage has weight restrictions (70 lbs each for checked, and 10 lbs total for carry on).

I still have other running around to do as well. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow afternoon to get a couple of teeth pulled, and then I have another dentist appointment on Saturday to get another tooth pulled (and possibly a second one that day...the dentist recommends it because he thinks it's going to get abscessed). This is an unexpected expense - an expensive one at that. My teeth aren't bothering me, but I thought I'd get them pulled (they had old fillings in them that fell out and parts of the teeth broke off so they are beyond fixing - according to the dentist) before heading over to Korea and have them end up aching over there. I have no idea what dentists are like over there, or if they even use freezing. I detest going to the dentist so much that I don't want to chance having to get them pulled without freezing. I'd probably pass out or scream loud enough that everyone at home would hear me from way over in Korea. Nope, I'll swallow my pride and fear and take my prescription for the pills (from the dentist) to knock me out and get them pulled here.

Anyway, I'm off to do a little relaxing and write up my list. I'm going to try to get some knitting done today too because I haven't done any for a little while now. Have a blessed Christ-filled day!

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Saija said...

what an opportunity to lean on the Lord! blessings on you!