Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Another Day

Not a lot has been happening lately.  This past week my mom's sister-in-law (who was married to mom's second oldest brother) came to visit on Monday.  She stayed until Wednesday when her brother and his wife came to pick her up and take her to their place.  She's staying with them and will come back here sometime on Saturday.  She flies out next Monday morning.

On Sunday after church, I had a problem starting the car - it wouldn't start!  It was fine when I started it on the way to church, so I don't know why it wouldn't on the way back.  I went back in the church and got a couple of the men to come out and take a look at it (thinking maybe I needed a boost or something like that).  They checked and it wasn't the battery or the engine.  While one guy was starting it, the other jiggled one of the wires and it started up.  So, they seemed to think it was either the spark plug or the wire(s).

Yesterday we took the car in to the garage we always go to (it's owned by my mom's cousin), and they checked it over and said it's not the spark plug(s) or the wire(s) but it might be the starter starting to go.  They said it's difficult to know at this point and the car may be fine for a few weeks and then one day it won't start again.  So, from my understanding, it's just something we have to wait and see about.  While we had the car in, we got a service and got them to change the muffler because that was going.

Today I went to the school district and submitted my paper work for the upcoming supply teaching info session.  I won't fine out for close to a couple weeks if I'm accepted or not because they have to wait until the police check comes in (it should take 7-10 days for them to get), plus they need references, and while I have them written down on the application and on my resume, I still need a couple of them to fill out the form the district provides.  I'm waiting for one of the teachers I worked with for my internship to reply to my email so I can go get her reference letter (she said back in June she'd write one up for me in the fall) and get her to fill out the form and fax in to the district.  I also have to take my internship journal and updated portfolio in to my prof and I'm going to get him to fill out the other reference form and send in.  Other than that, I've done my part so all I can do is sit back and wait for a call or email saying whether or not I've been accepted to go to the info session.  I don't see any problem as to why I wouldn't get accepted; the only thing being that the session filled up before the district gets all my info.  If that's the case I'd have to wait until November or December - depending on when the next session is. 

I am really hoping that I get into this session no problem and that I get my name on the supply teaching list.  I need to start working and getting the money coming in again.  I'm enjoying my time "off", but I've got some bills I'll need to start paying and for that I need money.

I had to go and get myself a cell phone (ok, maybe I didn't have to get it) because I don't want to be tied down to the house phone waiting for calls.  The calls come from the States from a company the district hired to do the calls (not sure if real people call or an automated system), and we have not typically been answering the phone lately because of the telemarketers.  We have caller display and screen the calls and if a long distance number comes up that we don't know, we don't answer.  I'd be afraid that that would happen when I'd get a call for work and end up missing out.  Also, I wouldn't want Mom to answer the phone and it be them calling me for a job and I'm not here (they don't call back if you aren't around or if you don't answer the call...they move on to the next person on the l ist), or if she would accept a job for me thinking I needed it but I already had one.  So, I decided the best thing would be to get a cell phone and use that number; that way I'd have the phone with me and I could leave the house and not miss job opportunities.

This past Sunday was the first week for Sunday school starting up again.  We had five kids in the class, and one was absent.  My friend Angela and I teach the class together.  She did last week's lesson on 1 Samuel 1, and I do  next week's lesson on 1 Samuel 2...or part of it at any rate.  We'll be rotating the lessons and she'll do one week and I do the other.  The kids are good, and I know the parents of three of them.  The others I've seen around church, but I don't know them.  I'm looking forward to teaching Sunday school again.  I haven't done this since before I went to Korea.  Last year I took the year off from being involved in any teaching (including the mid week program) because I felt I needed to get regrounded.  I could still use that regrounding (going to have to see about getting involved in a small group Bible study), but I thought I'd give the teaching a go again.

I'm supposed to head out with M ichelle tomorrow to go on a photo shoot.  We had to cancel it twice this past weekend (one due to weather, the other due to my car problems) and have rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully I'll get some great shots.  I'll be sure to post them to my photography blog, Shutterbug.  Why not head over there and check out the photos I have up so far.  Feel free to comment too!