Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To Normal - Whatever That Is

Finally I think I've gotten back on track with my sleeping - the jet lag seems to have passed!  I have always been a night owl, though, so I still can go to bed somewhat late.  But, currently, I'm not up until the sun is about to rise, or sleeping only a couple of hours and being wide awake when I should be sleeping.

My back also seems better.  It still gets quite stiff when I've been sitting or laying down for awhile.  The pain isn't so much now, but sometimes it's sore with the stiffness.  I haven't been taking any Robaxacet for several days (though I did take one the other day), and I've run out of the pills the doctor in Australia prescribed me.  I knew it would just be a matter of time for the healing to take place, simply because this has happened to me before.  My plan now (and I pray I'll stick with it), is to strengthen my core muscles as the doctor said this should help prevent future problems like I just had with my back.  I think, by the weekend, I will pull out my yoga DVDs and do some of that to start with.  The doctor had suggested this and said it would help.

Sunday school starts this coming Sunday, and I'm back co-teaching the grade 1 & 2 class.  The other teacher, my friend Angela, and I will be taking turns each week.  She is taking the lesson this week as she's had a longer time with the book and will be more familiar with it.  Since I just got the book this past Sunday (she had gotten it over the summer while I was in Australia), she wanted to give me some time to get familiar with it and go over the lessons.  We only have a small class so far - about 5 kids I think, but that could change.  I'm looking forward to getting back into teaching Sunday school, and hopefully I can transfer some of what I learning in school this past year into this class - things like classroom managment, etc.

I haven't been doing much this past week, mostly trying to readjust from the jet lag and help my back get better.  I've gone to request a transcript for my marks as well as a letter stating that even though I haven't graduated (that's in November), I have completed my course.  I'll have to send those off to apply for my teaching license, and I will be applying for the October 26 info session for supply teachers.  I also need the copy of my marks for that and need to fill out some forms and get them sent in so I can reserve a spot.  You have to be invited to the info session, you can't just show up.  By sending the paper work in, they'll know I'm interested and can invite me, providing everything is satisfactory on my application.

I've also recently started a photography blog.  I'm just really learning digital photography as well as editing the photos (I got Photoshop Elements 7 last week).  The blog is a place to show some of my photos and the editing I've done.  The pics aren't necessarily the best, nor is the editing, but remember, I'm still learning and that's a process.  I'm enjoying both though.  My friend Michelle and I are going on a photo shoot on Saturday and we're either going to do some macro shots of butterflies or moving water.  We haven't quite decided yet.  If you are interested in viewing my photography blog, it's called Shutterbug and it's located here.

Going to end here for now.  I think I've rambled on more than I had planned.  Have a blessed and Christ-filled day!