Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Early Start

I've been awake again since about 4:00AM, and really hoping the jet lag wears off soon!  I am now having my first cup of coffee (possibly my only cup of coffee, but a second one may be on the horizon), the sun has risen and the day is promising.

It's the first day of school for the kids in this area...for those going to university too.  I'm torn on this...part of me misses not having to go to class today, but there is a bigger part that is excited.  I guess with some of the high school kids, they only start tomorrow; those in grade nine (the first year of high school here) start today, to make things easier on them, and grades ten to twelve will go tomorrow.  Other provinces have already started school last week.  My nephew is in Nova Scotia, and he started last week.

I need to fill out a few forms and take my grad fee to the university today.  I have to do it soon (as in within the next couple of weeks) because I will graduate in November and they are going to begin getting things ready for that soon.  I also have to request a list of my courses and marks so they can be sent to the teacher's association (the registrar will also be sending a letter explaining that graduation is only in November, but I have finished my courses and internship now), so that I can get my teaching license.  I don't know how long that takes, but I hope it is quick.  I still have to wait until October or November before the district has their next supply teaching info session.  I need to take that before I can do any supply teaching.

My brother has been mentioning to his teacher friends that they should call me to fill in for them when they are out (his wife may have done this too), or at least that's what he's told my mom.  That's really nice of him.  Also, yesterday, one of the teachers who goes to my church asked me about supplying.  I told him about needing to wait for that info session, and he said as soon as I take it and get on the supply list to let him know.  He said the schools have a list of preferred supply teachers they call first, and then if they can't get anyone from the list, they go to others.  He said that when I'm on the supply list he'd add me to his (or his school's) preferred list.  I thought that was really nice of him! 

Another teacher friend from church asked my best friend (when I was in Australia) to pass on some advice from her - that if I have to hand out any work that needs to be corrected, to do it and not leave it for the teacher.  They really appreciate that.  Also, she said that I should do any photocopying, etc. that the teacher may need to do (probably would need to check in with the office to see about that, but I'm not totally sure), and ask the office if there is anything I can do to help another teacher (photocopying, correcting, etc.).  She said that really puts you in a good light and the teachers appreciate it, and you would be more apt to get hired on by the school if you show a willingness to work or help out. 

My back is still sore and stiff.  I've been taking Robaxacet because the pills I got in Australia have run out (I have one more left of the anti-inflamatory one).  They've been helping, but when I sit or lay down for a while (such as over night), then my back becomes quite stiff and sore.  Yesterday I went out for awhile and took some pictures.  I had taken some Robaxacet a little while before that and it really helped me to be able to move around and get in and out of the car without any real difficulty.

Speaking of photography, I had mentioned in my preivous post about doing some sort of project to help better my skills and become more creative with the pictures I take.  Well, I haven't particularly started any project, per se, but I did create a photography blog.  It's called Shutterbug, and can be found HERE.  I've put a few of the pictures I've taken from Australia on there so far (I have 3 posts, 2 of which has a few pictures).  I guess the theme seems to be birds and animals, so maybe I'll focus on that a bit.  I was thinking if I do a 52 week or 365 day or even a 30 day project, it might be good to start at the beginning of a month.  However, that's not totally necessary.  I can start it at any time.  I've also joined a couple of photography forums, so hopefully I can pick up some pointers there as well.

  Well, going to head off and finish my coffee (hazelnut, yum!) and read the paper.  Hope you have a blessed and Christ-filled day!