Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Flowers

I took a few more flower pics today. One of the flowers is a double amarylis (double bloom I think), which is to the right, and the other flowers are the ones I got my mom last weekend. This time I didn't use my telephoto lens (on macro), but just the regular 18x55mm lens that came with the camera. It also wasn't set to macro but I got in kind of close. I really love pictures of flowers - almost as much as the flowers themselves. I can't wait again until the end of August and into September when my mom's dahlias will be out. Those are pretty flowers (there are different kinds) and I'm hoping to take some really good pictures of them using macro...though if I use my telephoto lens I'll need a really good tripod to help prevent shaking and blurry pictures.

It's been pretty cold here lately, and the other day our city apparently broke a record for cold temps that particular day (I think it was Wednesday or Thursday). The previous record had been set in 1957. We are supposed to get another snow storm on Monday, though that depends on how the system moves. The meteorologist said it might change paths and miss us, which would be great. But, if they are calling for snow, that means the temperatures are going to warm up somewhat; when it gets too cold it can't (or doesn't) snow.

I was looking forward to getting back into doing my observation in the grade 2 class I was at before Christmas. I can only go on Fridays since I have classes the rest of the week. Well, I set my alarm to get up at 6:30 yesterday morning (Friday), and when the alarm went off the newscaster was saying schools in the district (as well as another one) were cancelled due to the extreme cold temperatures. It was nice to have the day off, though really I should have done some school work. I didn't. I had a lazy day. I really should have worked some on my portfolio for school (we have to do these up with regard to teaching and becoming a teacher).

We are just learning about portfolios for the teaching profession, what to include and how to make them. We are also working on bio-resumes, which are a little different than a regular resume in that it gives more detail (they're also done up a little differently). I started work on my bio-resume at school the other day, and just need to finish it up and type it up on the computer. Our rough drafts of those are due next Thursday. The portfolios aren't due until April, but it's not something you can do at the last minute. They take time so we have to start early. I've got my binder, tabs, paper (good quality) and plastic cover sheets. I've also got a couple of certificates and diplomas to get good quality copies made of to include so far. As we go along and learn more about it, we'll have more to put in.

The portfolios are what we will take to interviews to show to prospective employers - basically a selling tool. Oh, and I should note that the bio-resumes are also included in the portfolio too. We saw some samples from students who did them last year (the professor was marking them and the students would be coming to get them in the next few weeks), and there were some really nice ones. Not everyone does up a portfolio, but it's something our school has the B.Ed. students do.
Well, I had wanted to post about what I've learned in Sunday school this last week, unfortunately I haven't gotten around to it. I have my notes in the other room and just didn't bother to go get them. I figured that since tomorrow is Sunday again, I might just wait until I finish with that class and maybe combine my notes from that class with last week's. Hopefully I can/will get this done and not put it off too long. Like I've said in some other posts in the past, I would like to have this blog return to the way I started off - discussing more Bible related things, more God-focused and God-oriented posts, prayer talk, etc.

I have been keeping up regularly with my Bible reading, which is good. Unfortunately I still haven't gotten more indepth with it - all my own fault, I admit. Prayer life is still about the same, though I do try to pray off and on throughout the day when something comes to me, or I talk to someone who could use prayer. Usually throughtout the day my prayers are just short and to the point - which there is nothing wrong with that way. I do want to become better at prayer as well.
Well, I realize my post is dragging on somewhat and I don't really have much more to say at the moment. So, I'll end here and wish you all a glorious Christ-filled day! Blessings in Him!