Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling A Little Sad Today

I was going to post what I learned about in Sunday school, however, it's just not happening at the moment. The last couple of days I've been affected by my sinuses. I have no idea if it's an infection or just part of a cold...thought it doesn't feel like a cold. I've been taking some sinus pills which are helping, so that's good.

I had a weird dream last night. That happens seemingly often when I take night time sinus or cold medication. Anyway, my dad was in my dream, and I remembered that a friend from work had told me my nephew wouldn't remember my dad when he got older. My nephew was also in the dream, and when dad made his appearance, that is the thought that ran through my mind - in my dream. I thought, "Why did Jean say that?" It turns out that my dad had just been in the hospital (or away somewhere), and he was all better and back at home. I woke up feeling saddened that it wasn't real. I still feel sad.

For most of the day I haven't had my mind on my dream - or my dad. I was able to distract myself with classes. However, on the way home from this last class (I go back again after supper for a nearly three hour class) I had a sudden "I miss my daddy" feeling. It still feels like he's just away or something, and seems like he should be here. Usually I try not to let myself get upset or "ignore" the feelings. I know it's ok to cry and whatnot, but I just try not to. Even now I don't want to feel the emotions or cry because if I cry, my makeup will need to be reapplied before class again, and my eyes will get all red and puffy.

Maybe when I go to bed tonight I'll let myself cry...


PJ said...

ahhh, I'm so sorry for your sad feelings. Perhaps a little crying might help. I'm sure it is certainly hard at times.

Delia said...

I'm so sorry. I agree with PJ, maybe a little crying will help.


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