Saturday, March 31, 2007


Just a quick post. This past week I had two of the four days of observation for my TESL course. Whe have to have 10 hours of observation and 10 hours of teaching to get the certificate.

I've attended an intermediate to advanced intermediate class, as well as a beginner class. I really enjoyed both classes. The intermediate/adv. inter. class is easier to teach because they have a better grasp on the language. And even though the beginner class is a lot harder (most of them are doing well, but one of them is just learning and doesn't know very much at all yet and another one is a little further ahead of her), it was a lot more fun because the students were very interested in learning and were making jokes and what not...a lot of laughter in the class.

I'm going to the local multicultural center for the practicum, and they have a wide variety of countries represented. There were people from Costa Rica, Columbia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Russia (or one of the former Russian states), Congo, Ethiopia...interesting to see how well they get along and how much they want to learn the language (though some had more enthusiasm than others, which is normal).

I have my last two days of observation this coming week, and then move on to the teaching aspect of it...that is scary! I'll be observed some by my teacher, and that is what makes me the most nervous. I'm not sure off hand when that might start the week after next, and it might not. Exams come up starting April 19th so I won't be doing any teaching during that time.

Anyway, just wanted to post a little update since it's been awhile. I am hoping to get something written for CWO's In Other Words this week as I haven't for the last couple of them for one reason or another. But, until then, have a Christ filled day!

Oh, and if any of you are knitters, I am having a little contest over on my knitting blog, Kitten Knits Yarn - come on over and enter!

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