Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Cross

"At the heart of the story stands the cross of Christ where evil did its worst and met its match."~ John Wenham ~

The cross was a form of Roman torture. So bad was this style of punishment, that it eventually became eradicated. The one who was nailed to the cross did not die of pain nor loss of blood. The means of death was suffocation. Gravity pulled the body downward, but with no means of supporting ones self, the pressure on the lungs would cause the person to suffocate because of the lack of air reaching the lungs.

This is the form of torture and punishment our Lord suffered. So many people pin this crime on the Jews. In reality, it wasn't just the Jews - it was us. Each and every single person, past, present and future, is responsible for putting Jesus on the cross. We drove those nails in His hands. We drove those nails in His feet.

Thankfully, Jesus was willing to suffer all of that, and more, for us. He wanted us to have freedom. He wanted us to have eternal life. He wanted us to have forgiveness of sins. And He still wants that for everyone today. Over 2000 years later, Jesus longs to have a relationship with each and every person walking the face of the earth. That means you; that means me.

I have to disagree with John Wenham when he states in the above quote, "...where evil did its worst...". I don't think evil did its worst with sending Jesus to the cross. Yes, the whole act was painful and tortureous, but it wasn't the worst thing evil (Satan) could have done. No, the worst think that evil could have done, was to prevent Jesus from dying. The worst thing would have been for Jesus to have not become the sacrifice needed for forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Am I happy that Jesus suffered the way He did? Of course not. I am not happy He had to suffer such pain, humiliation, mocking, etc. But, I am happy that He was willing to give up His life for me; I am happy that He loved me so much that He chose death so that I could have life.

And you know what? He did that for you too! Come to Him; accept His offer of eternal life and forgiveness of sins. He loves you, and longs to have a relationship with you.


Heather Smith said...

And evil tried so hard to keep Jesus from the cross! But He went there, just for us though we were so undeserving!

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.

Dana said...

Good insight. Your right, it would be unthinkable for us if Jesus had not died for us.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Wonderful thoughts...loved how you turned the quote around..

Have a blessed Passion Week!

Simone said...


Thank you for your comment and support.
I am a Christian. I think part of my depression is the fact that I have realised that I don't feel at home with the community of believers I have been with all my life.
My husband being a minister makes it even more difficult for me to stand up and say I cannot cling to traditions and doctrine - I cannot live under the "law" -
that has been one issue.

I am on anti-depressants. Which was a very difficult decision to make. This past month has confirmed my suspicion that they are no longer making a difference in my life.
My general doctor was not happy for me to go on them in the first place.

Pray for me.

I am feeling a bit clearer. Its like I get caught in a spiral of negativity and I just get sucked in.

Writing about it has help me to let go.

eph2810 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this week's quote.
Yes, He died for all willing to receive is gift of mercy and grace.

Blessings to your Passion week and always.

Maggie Ann said...

Shelley, I was blessed to read your post...what a wonderful opportunity we have to share Christ with others. Oh, that their eyes might be opened that know him not. Hope you have a happy Easter and a blessed one. I'll have to check back another time to see what you are doing with your knitting blog...=). Its getting late and I should be offline about 10 minutes ago...

Dave said...

Great post Shelley.

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is when people say that Jesus must have passed out or gone into a coma on the cross & then He was taken down and recovered in the tomb! Er, no! The Romans knew exactly what they were doing when they used this form of torture and execution. As you rightly point out, people died of suffocation on the cross and the Romans made sure of that.


susan said...

Oh Shelley, that's beautiful, and sad and hurts to read what Jesus went through, but very grateful too.


That was a wonderful post. Thank you so very much. I know that Christ died for my sins, He paid the price that I could not Pay and did it willingly. connie from Texas

PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

~() ()
~('o') ~*HAPPY EASTER*~

David said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

happy easter, shelley. (((HUGS)))

sorry haven't been around much. been going through a lot lately.

BJ Socggins said...

I'll paint you a rainbow as a gift from me,

Then hang it from heaven for the whole world to see.

On a canvas of love I'll cover your fears,

With a soft brush I'll dry all your tears.

I'll paint you a rainbow with feelings so deep,

My stroke will be gentle, my touch you may keep.

On a palette of words I will tenderly blend,

Colorful thoughts with bright verses to send.

I'll paint you a rainbow in reds, blues and gold,

Stretched like loving arms ready to enfold.

And deep in the center of the most vibrant hue,

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